Hop Into Kangaroo Valley

02 October 2020 / Story by Bill Short; Photos by Anne Zattera, Anda Clayton, Bob Downing and Mark Mansell

South Coast Chapter Hop into Kangaroo Valley

If you went down in the woods today,

You were in for a big surprise,

The bears went down in the woods today,

Disguised in their MX-5’s.

 Momma bear and baby bear set off from the Heritage Bakery, Milton with the intention of going to Kangaroo Valley for a picnic. This they duly did and along the way they collected more bears. Even more bears met at Cambewarra Lookout for an outdoor morning tea and a pit stop.

 Hang on – you’re Goldilocks! Where did you come from and what are you doing hanging around with bears? Who are these bears anyway and where are they from?

 No worries. Goldilocks some surprises for the bears as she had prior warning that they were on the move and left early from the northern regional boundary to plan her surprise for the bears. The bears seem to have forgotten about Goldilocks’ visit to the Three Bears house that didn’t end well and Goldilocks is not sure if they still remember the last time that they took her to Kangaroo Valley when the Bakery ran out of rock cakes. Best not mention why.

 After morning tea the bears and Goldilocks made their way down the mountain to Kaanggaarroooo Vallleeeey wheeere the paace jussst slooowed riiight dooown and some of the shops were not re-opening until late October.

 For every bear that ever there was gathered there for certain because…….

 Hey! Wait a minute, not all bears were there because there are a lot of them.

 OK, so it was just some from the South Coast Mob. They were rainbow mob in their red, silver, black and white. The all looked cute but I was not allowed to cuddle any. Wife told me not to get to close and wouldn’t let me take any of ‘em home with me either.

 What! No brown Bears?

 No, they were off somewhere deep in the woods.

 And what do bears do in the woods???

 If you don’t already know then perhaps it is best that we don’t go there. Do you want to know why they were gathering?


 Because that’s the day the teddy bears had their picnic!!!!!!!

 Are you sure because I heard that Goldilocks got to the bakery before the bears – again!!!

 Shhhh…..they might hear and anyway, Goldilocks was doing them a favour – they don’t need rock cakes – they brought heaps of food.

 And, I see that Goldilocks has a pet dog.

 The dog was hanging around Goldilocks’ house when she moved in. Goldilocks adopted the dog and called it Rusty.

 I can see why!

 A good dog generally. Just sits there. Wags its head occasionally and does not bark a lot. About as smart as a tin can.

 Also, I see that the dog also has a pet.

 You noticed. Yes, a pet duck.

 What’s the duck’s name?

 Dunno for sure. I think that the duck’s name is Friday but you better ask the duck. Don’t expect much sense from it because it looks pretty stuffed. Actually, you will get just as much sense out of the dog so better not ask it the duck’s name either.

 But the duck does have a nickname – Splash. He is a very funny guy and really quacks me up!

 You’re losing it. Get back to your story.                     

 Well, as mentioned much earlier, we met at Cambewarra Mountain Lookout because the bears and Goldilocks all came from different directions. Orders for coffee made and then outside to marvel the view out to Shoalhaven Heads and Jervis Bay. Fantastic view. So was the wind and cold. And then it started to rain. After a looong coffee break, down the other side of the mountain, through Kangaroo Valley Village, across Hamden Bridge and into the Pioneer Village Museum where we were met by Rosemary from the Illawarra Chapter who lives in the Valley and works at the Museum.

 After a self-guided tour of the Museum …….

They had lots of marvellous things to eat,

And wonderful games did play,

 Well not so much on the games because they were mostly mature and sensible adults, but they did eat with popular foods being Bob’s lemon syrup cake, Anda’s carrot cake and Bill’s coconut ice……some took a bush walk …..and all did talk (I have the right to remain silent on this subject but there was a lot) and…….

…… and they never had any cares,

Except for the wind and cold and occasional showers.

 At six o'clock their mummies and daddies took them back home to bed,

Because they were tired little teddy bears.

 Actually, it was getting on for 3 pm and we just ran out of time. Most of us had to get back to our other lives

 And that's the way the teddy bears had their picnic.

 Bill Short