Hunter Breakfast Blast

28 June 2018 / Poem by Dianne Henderson

Dave Ho’s first ever run was the Breakfast Blast

So far and wide his net he cast.

To gather some MX-5s & a Honda for a brisk morning run

Down the hilly and windy Putty Road just for fun.


So at 7am at Cessnock Macca’s we all gathered

But where was Kung Fu Dave when it mattered?

The Kung Fu master had worked until four

So he slept through his alarm of course!


So on to Cessnock airport we went to meet our fearless run leader

Where he arrived ten minutes later in a fever.

Sorry, sorry, sorry was what we heard from afar as he came at a run

Of course, we didn’t let him live it down that wouldn’t have been fun.


Off we went at a pace with hot air balloons rising like a tide.

5 MX-5s and a sporty Honda dashing through the countryside.

Down through the vineyards and onto Putty Road we head

Following Kung Fu Dave in his MX-5 shiny & red.


Through channels of coolness we could hear people snoring

While down the dim gorges the MX5s were roaring.

Until Hendo and I who were at the tail end

Saw a red MX-5 with its bonnet up as we came around a bend.


There was poor Paul with white smoke coming from his muffler

Looked like a blown head gasket…could it get any rougher?

No radio signal and no mobile signal as well!

There was head shaking, lots of thinking and cussing under the breath I could tell.


By now there were only two cars left and both were full in each seat.

So how would we fit 5 into 4? Now that’s a maths problem that can’t be beat.

So down the road 10km we went

Until a mobile signal we got and reinforcements were sent.


Kung Fu Dave came to the rescue in his shiny red car

To pick up Paul and take him to the Grey Gum café our first pit stop thus far.

Paul phoned the NRMA and was on there an hour to no avail - an all-time low.

So off he went with another MX-5er to spend the day in Boral waiting his tow.


Two extras from Sydney met up with us at Grey Gum

While Warren in his Honda took off to Windsor at a hum.

Onto Colo we went for a very late breakfast / morning tea.

Turned out to be a great feed with Dave eating enough for three.


Then we split up for a leisurely run home through Sackville

And onto Wisemans Ferry with time to kill.

A big thank you to Kung Fu Dave for a fabulous first run

It was eventful and long but boy it was great fun!