Hunter Xmas Lights Run

02 January 2018 / Story: Elaine Gazzard & Photos: Ian Nunn

Well the weather fairies definitely turned on a wonderful night for Christmas lights run. We all met at Harris farm market at Glendale. Most of us grabbing a bit to eat before we left. Jonathan handed out run sheets and gave the briefing before it was time to head off. Sneakily, just before he finished his briefing he was presented with a thank you gift on behalf of the Hunter Chapter for volunteering to lead a run in 2017.  

Our first adventure was off towards Warners Bay and Eleebana with a couple of lit up houses on the way, but Murray St Eleebana was very well done. Lots of lights and people milling around enjoying the festive atmosphere and light show. From there we travelled to Tingira Height losing Barry and Jenny as they took a creative detour and met us at the destination.

Next we headed for Macquarie Hill. There were quite a few houses done up, most hard to get to in a run of little cars with most being in dead ends and tight squeezes. Radio banter was fun with a lot of HO HO HO going on. Running through Cardiff and down Lambton Rd with some festive houses here and there. Finally arriving at McDonald Broardmeadow for coffee, cake or desert were we found Barry and Jenny after their fun trip.

Thank you Jonathan for a fun night out giving us one last chance to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Safe Wonderful New Year.

**No images available of Elaine and Lyn climbing in the McDonalds just had to be there!

Merry Christmas!