In search of Australia's next model

24 October 2017 / Words by Julie Sando, Photos by Keith Monaghan & Bryan Shedden

The day before the search began the drought had finally broke,
Oh no said the Jill and Pete - MX-5s don’t float!
But as the sun rose on Saturday and the weather was all clear
The Illawarra participants all gave a great big cheer

We gathered at the usual spot, Haywards Bay where anticipation was high
A great weekend was planned, lets get in those cars and fly
All the club members looked great in their red shirts
But some were remembering the leaders previous adventures on dirt!!


We ambled down the south coast through picturesque towns
The first stop was Milton where rather large cakes were hungrily downed
Will full bellies the convey headed south and at Hwy B52 took a right
Some looked out for the love shack, but it was nowhere in sight!!

We arrived at Braidwood with the sun gods smiling the whole way
But where were those models? We don’t want anyone to go astray
After oohing and ahing over all the small shiny things
We head to our hotel to see what the afternoon brings


We drove on a road made in MX-5 heaven venturing west
to the Araluen hotel where we could all have a rest
The first round of the famous Feut trivia began
Let’s hope all the teams have a great game plan


Back into Braidwood and an afternoon of grazing before dinner
I am quite sure no one will be coming home thinner!!
Fours fun rounds of trivia helped the time just fly by
Finally the winning team was announced….what a bunch of wise guys!

After a nice Sunday sleep in and time to look in the shops
We all headed to Tarago for the second last stop
After a quick drink we were all ready for the final part of the run
Now off to Nerriga – that’s a place you can’t shun


So we finished the weekend at Nerriga Pub with what else? But a lunch,
We are glad you all came you are such a great bunch
This just shows the club is a great place for making new friends
So a very big thank you to Jill and Pete for organising a great weekend

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