Inaugural Midweek Run to Pacific Palms

01 September 2017 / Words by John Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester & John Hansen

Tuesday 29 August found an intrepid group of club members Jen & Kev, Judith & John and Graham gathering at the Port Macquarie Service Centre a.k.a. The Donut for the start of the Inaugural Midweek Run for the Mid North Coast Chapter with Graham as run leader. Commiserations were given to those members on sick parade and best wishes for a speedy recovery. The weather was sunny with the temperatures being a bit on the 'sharpish' side.

Graham led us down the highway to Kew to pick up Margaret and Murray to complete our complement for the day. On the way down we noticed a large black Bentley wafting along the highway and it was interesting to see how it oozed class just being on the road!

Leaving Kew it was a leisurely drive to the Flow Bar at Old Bar for morning tea. Graham had warned us that there had been a fleet of highway patrol cars refuelling at the Donut and we didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Morning tea was a sumptuous affair and provided a very relaxing environment for coffee cake raisin toast and chat in the sun.

Graham warned us to expect a rough surface and plenty of ‘kitty litter’ and leaves on the corners of Wootton Way as we set off for our next leg down to Pacific Springs. After an interesting short diversion off the highway when we lost sight of Graham it was back on track for Wootton Way. We virtually had the road to ourselves except for a cyclist. The road had undergone maintenance and the surface was much better than expected and the leaf litter confined to the apex of some of the corners. A most entertaining drive down the hillside; the only car we saw was a Mitshubishi Evolution looking as if it was being driven flat out coming the other way. The driver looked to be a bit startled to see our convoy swooping along!

A short detour onto the Pacific Highway and then off on the famous twisty winding road the Lakes Way on the run to Pacific Palms. There was comparatively little traffic in front of us and the drive allowed some spirited driving. A group of motor cyclists who had turned off just behind us were not slowed at all by having us in front! Graham had put it to a vote for a change of eating places and we had decided not to have lunch at Pacific Palm opting instead for a more cosy café at Bluey’s Beach. Graham had a number of options A, B and C and D in case it didn’t work out. This was good because the café had closed; however, across the road was another café which had an extensive menu and extremely good food. The quality and quantity of lunch was superb as you can see from the photographs. The Kembali Café at Bluey’s Beach is definitely worth a visit. After lunch a short drive up to the Lookout for the group photograph overlooking the magnificent view over beautiful Bluey’s Beach. The sun was out, the sky was blue, as the song goes, and the view lived up to its expectations.

We all agreed that the inaugural Midweek run had been most successful incorporating interesting driving, great food and good company. Thanks to our Run Leader Graham for selecting the route, food stops and ordering fine weather!