Kangaroo Valley Run

06 February 2020 / Words Senia Gauson, Photos Keith Monaghan

Photos Here

Bryan Shedden’s Twilight drive and dinner at Kangaroo Valley Friendly Inn, planned for January 4th,  was postponed due to fires, so 16 cars headed off in 38 degree temperatures from Haywards Bay on Saturday afternoon, roofs up, air-con on, along some beautiful country roads and the favoured Macquarie Pass (which some of us navigators are known to cringe through, while the drivers put their foot down with glee and madness in their eyes!).  We came out of it so fast, trying to catch up to the lead group, that we over-shot the turn on Tourist Drive and maintaining our “Navigationally challenged tag”, ended up dropping from car 8 to car 16 after a quick U turn.  Fortunately no one followed us!  We were all keen to call into Fran Pritchard’s place and check out her labyrinth, however, a bit of a navigation issue (not us this time) resulted in a trip directly to Kangaroo Valley and a cold ale, but hopefully we’ll catch up with Fran another time.

Kangaroo Valley greeted us with 43 degree heat, even the toilet seats were hot! The air-conditioning in the pub was on but struggling, so a few cold brews (some even non alcoholic) were most appreciated. Food was good, company and banter was fun, so none of us really minded the heat too much.  Congratulations to Bob Downing, who was presented with the Runner Up New Member of the Year 2019 award by Keith Monaghan, well done Bob!

It appears we are set to remember every January/February run to Kangaroo Valley with extreme temperatures, last year torrential storm, this year 43 degrees, as Bryan said, “crikey it was hot”.