Latest edition of Club Torque is out now

11 October 2018 / Words by Bryan Shedden

The Winter 2018 edition of Club Torque is a bit late but is now appearing in your letterbox. The printed magazine is available for all Club Members. Joint Memberships and Joint Associate Memberships receive one copy per household, while Junior Members are not eligible. If you did not receive the printed magazine and you want one, then there is a probably a good reason why you didn't receive it.

When you set up your membership details in the Member Portal, you may have noticed that you need to make a choice about your preference for Club Torque magazine. The options are:

  • Printed copy by mail
  • Download from website (for those who only want to read the PDF version)
  • Not required (for those who don't want the magazine at all)
  • Not eligible - Joint 2 or Junior (this is for partners in a Joint Membership)

Note that the ONLY option that will guarantee you are sent a printed magazine is the first option and this is the default for all members who have not made a choice. If you select "Download from website" you are telling us that you do not want a printed copy.

Why is it set up like this? In a recent member survey, some members told us that they didn't want the print magazine and it was deemed a waste of resources to send them something they would just toss in the bin. How anyone could do that to our wonderful magazine baffles us ... but each to their own. So in the interests of efficiency, the Club Committee decided to add this choice in the membership database to allow people to opt out of receiving the print magazine.

If there is any misunderstanding about your preference for receiving Club Torque, please log into the Member Portal, and change your selection for this option.

Of course, it is also possible that Australia Post stuffed up and lost your mail. It happens.

A very limited number of additional print copies are available. Members can email a request to and Mel will see what she can do. And of course you can access the PDF version no matter which option you select.