Lunch at the Taralga Pub

29 June 2020 / Words: Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos: Rod Nicholas

Taralga Pub Run - 17 June 2020.
A late change of run leader saw me take over this run from Kerry. Kerry has done all the leg-work so I just needed to follow his instructions. 

A clear but cold winter’s morning in Canberra saw 9 cars and 13 members set out on a run across the southern tablelands to Taralga.  

It was not a good start as we became stuck behind a water truck that was spilling water from the top and bottom of his tank. If he had a long way to go by the time he got there he would need to go back and fill up again.

We travelled through the back roads to Gundaroo and then onto Gunning for morning tea. Some of the views on this stretch go forever. At Gunning we spread out between two café’s to keep to the Covid-19 rules.

The road between Gunning, Grabben Gullen and Crookwell is one of my favorite roads. High up with rolling hills below and distant mountain views makes it very difficult to keep you eyes on the road. Most of the roads were in excellent condition. There was a slight detour at Crookwell due to bridgeworks. From there we proceeded to Taralga. Again, good quality country roads with little traffic. The ideal playground for MX-5s.

The pub has set aside a room for us out the back. The service was warm and friendly and the food was acceptable for a small pub in a small country town.

After lunch most members made their own way home. Five of us went across the road for a coffee. The coffee shop has old lounges to sit in to contemplate the meaning of life.

It was just great to get out and about again; to feel the sun on you and the wind in your hair (yes, I still have some left).

Steve & Cecelia Wakeling