Marques in the Park 2017

11 December 2017 / Words: Norm Barker, Pictures: Ed Cory

Marques in the Park events are organised by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs, and most makes and club types are represented. This year it was held on Sunday, 12 November. It had been wet leading up to the day, which put some doubt on the event going ahead, but although the day started out cloudy it cleared to a bright, sunny and warm day. There was a good range of car makes set out across the Park including a display of Police bikes and cars.

The MX-5s had a good position again at one end of the park. We were able to have the 18 cars, with all models represented, arranged looking down the Park with the BBQ trailer and our large banner at the rear. People came and asked about the different models and we may see some new members when they purchase their own car. One couple came with their newly purchased NB8A and they intend to join the club and will come to the next Coffee and Lies.

The BBQ trailer was in operation and drew a lot of attention. Members were well fed with sausage sandwiches and some interested viewers were treated to some well cooked sausages towards the end of the day. Cooking was shared around as was the set up and clear up at the end. Our club certainly is not short of members prepared to join in when things need to be done.

We took it in turns to visit the other groups and many interesting conversations were had with proud owners of other makes of cars. Owners are always more than happy to discuss their cars and this creates a very good community atmosphere.

In between looking around, and talking to the viewers of our cars, we gathered under the shade of the trees for a chat. The usual exchange of stories from the legendary past kept everyone engaged and the time passed quickly. By all accounts a good day was had by all and the MX-5 was promoted.