Marques in the Park

19 December 2018 / Story by Bob Judd, Photos by Rob Wilkins

The annual Marques in the Park day is always eagerly awaited as it tends to signify the end of winter and the start of the warmer spring and summer – a perfect time to get the MX out and about, and put that winter roof away!

Again, the Council of ACT Motor Clubs put on a great day with all the local car clubs being invited to join them at the John Knight Park, next to Lake Ginninderra, under perfect sunshine and still winds. About 300 cars attended, including 22 of our members with their MX’s (and a Morgan!). We had a terrific site to show off our cars, sitting on the side of a slight hill in the shade, looking down on the poor people with their GT Falcons, Porsches and Ferraris. (A highlight for me was a display of an original 70’s Alpine A110, in full race trim, together with its brand new grandson, the new all-aluminium 2018 A110.)

Our display was able to represent all models of the MX 5, and just about every colour. We had some turboed cars and a supercharged car also to whet the appetites of the horse power junkies.

As the day was more importantly Remembrance Day, celebrating 100 years from the signing of the Armistice at the end of the Great War, a quiet moment was held and respected by all at 11.00am with the playing of the Last Post.

Marques is a great day as you can come and go as you please and it is all about getting together, meeting new and old members and having a good day out.

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