Morpeth Meander

16 April 2018 / Story by Gina Young Assisted by Donelle Wilton-Smith, Photos by Theresa Bown

On Saturday 28 October, seven polished up and ready to meander cars met at McGraths Hill McDonalds on a beautiful sunny day, roofs down and ready to roll with our run leaders Garry and Ron, who also make a great team. Unfortunately Brigid was not able to make it, we all missed her smiling face .

After a slow start with two cars missing the very first turn off and Garry having radio issues, we were on the way. Our first stop was the lovely Wisemans Ferry where we stopped for morning tea with the most scrumdidliumptious fruit cake made by Robyn Keyvar, who also wasn’t able to make the meander. Thank you Robyn!

Boarding the ferry on this glorious day to continue our meandering through the winding roads on our way to the beautiful Myrtle Cafe at Wollombi, a must if ever you’re in Wollombi, a lovely lunch was enjoyed by all, followed by a short stroll through the town. On the road again we go, heading to Maitland, after arriving and settling into our motel rooms, it was 5 o’clock drinks and nibbles in the meeting room of the motel before dinner at the club, after a long day it was an early night for all, with an 8.30am start for the next part of our meander.

All up bright eyed and bushy tailed Sunday morning for a lovely breakfast at Lorne, before heading for a tour of Maitland Gaol. Those of us that didn’t tour sat in the beautiful park. Those who went said it was very informative. Next we meandered to Morpeth for some leisurely strolling through the town, some looking, some buying, more eating, chatting, lots of laughing and all about just enjoying the day, and the company.

Leaving Morpeth about 2pm for a picturesque drive to Gloucester and you guessed it 5 o’clock drinks and nibbles around the pool area, with some even being tempted for a swim as it was very warm. Dinner at the Avonleigh hotel, with lots more chatter and laughter about the previous days events, another enjoyable RPM family catch up. Wayne and I headed home early the next morning while the RPM family headed on to the Gold Mine tour.

Donelle recounted that the main attraction was the Gold Mine tour and four cars went off to partake in that with six members going on the tour. It was greatly enjoyed by all.

Those that didn’t go did their own little run, so two cars decided to head to a little place called Nowendoc, this took us on to Thunderbolts Way, over some beautiful bridges and taking in some beautiful scenery of paddocks and Forrest.

We climbed up and up Baxter’s Ridge to Carson’s Pioneer Lookout for breathtaking views across the valley.
Then onto Nowendoc for a refreshing drink in a little one shop/petrol station before returning to Gloucester.
We all met up at the pub before travelling to Forster.

It was a stinking hot day and with hoods up and air conditioning cranked. Those in NDs reported that it briefly hit 40 degrees, but sat on 39 for most of our run.

Next stop was Nabiac for a visit to the motorcycle museum. A great collection of around 800 motorbikes, mostly owned by the Kelleher family. There were a few cars inside too, including a couple of Rileys, a gorgeous old Morgan and Triumph GT6 (to name a few).

It was wonderful to arrive in Forster and feel the cool coastal air. The cool change arrived later too.
A great dinner that night, in an Italian restaurant overlooking the water.

Two cars were to go home the next day, and the other four heading off to Nelson Bay. We were up and on our way early, too early to even get breakfast at Bulahdelah.

Thank you to all involved with another successful RPM family run!