MX-5 Cup Round 2 - 14th March 2020

21 March 2020 / Ian Combes

MX-5 Cup Round 2 – 14th March

Words Paul Nudd, Photos Rob Wlico.

The first round of the 2020 MX-5 Cup was held on the SMSP GP Circuit on the 14th March, in again (very) challenging conditions. Originally, we had 22 entries but we lost 1. If the conditions at the first round were bad, these were worse, with wheel changes a constant chore. Visibility was a real concern, so it is a credit to the drivers that there were no incidents, even with some close racing.

Race 1 was 90% dry and several drivers set PBs during the race. Todd Herring put on a show for us carving through the field from the back to get to the front in 2 laps!

Race 2 was WET, those with wet tyres had a significant advantage in grip and those behind them had their disadvantage compounded with zero visibility through the wall of water thrown up by the wets.

Race 3 also was WET, same problem for those without wet tyres. Paul Nudd ran off on Turn1 last lap because he could not see the edge of the track.

Overall a great day of racing despite the weather, everyone had someone to race with.

Class C was won by David Johnson with 3 wins, followed by Ian Combes, Kerry Smith, Rob Herrick, Peter MacDonald and Rob Withers.

Class B was won by Steven Head with 2 seconds and a win, followed by Mitchell Hall, Jason Russell and Craig Thornton.

Class A was won by Stuart McFadyen with3 wins, followed by Ben Oldfield, Mathew Fraser and Paul Nudd.

The Open Class was won by Todd Herring with 3 wins, followed by Andy Harris, Verne Johnson, Tim Herring, Richard Herring, Ian Caldwell and Terry Johnson.

Overall winner on the day was Todd Herring with Stuart McFadyen second and David Johnson third.