Nature and Telescopes - Run #2

26 September 2020 / Run leader & Story: Ian Bottcher. Photos: Robyn Bottcher

Wednesday 16 September 2020  

Yes, you will have read of the Nature and Telescopes Run #1 held on Saturday 12 September 2020. Correct, same run within a week. Given current COVID-19 restrictions the Canberra Chapter is running a few duplicate day/picnic runs within the week, to more readily adhere to member number restriction guidelines, but also providing members the most of opportunities to zoom zoom.

On a typical ‘great one day, perfect the next’ Canberra day 7 MX-5s carrying 10 members left Hume for a picnic lunch at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Two new members, Frances and Lili, both with new red NDs were welcomed to join in their first (of many hopefully) MX-5 club run.

First pit stop was Googong Dam for some photo opportunities before heading along Old Cooma Road onto Cooma Road before negotiating some southern Tuggeranong roads. Over the Murrumbidgee river into Tharwa before heading straight to the Nature Reserve via Tidbinbilla/Paddys River Roads.

Nature at close quarters was witnessed when a very friendly emu joined us at the lunch table – head first into Frances’ lunch basket. Unfortunately, he/she didn’t hang around long enough for a selfie. After lunch a 16 kilometre drive through the nature reserve soon found us heading onto the Canberra Deep Space Tracking Complex. There we ran into a group of BMW trail motor bikers who had come from Jindabyne on the day, heading on their way, eventually, back home to Newcastle. By the look of the dirt and mud on the bikes they certainly took different routes than us MX-5ers. Many in their ‘senior’ years took a keen interest in the MX-5s.

Back onto Paddys River road and onto Cotter Reserve for another pit stop and encountering a swooping magpie, before heading back to Canberra via Cotter Road. Tidbinbilla, Paddys River and Cotter Roads never disappoint, providing a great backdrop to join other like- minded people for a drive, chin wag and most enjoyable day.