NSW Supersprints 2019 Rd 6 - 2019 Season Wrap-up

06 November 2019 / Words and photos by Joe Kovacic

The final round 6 for the 2019 NSW Supersprint Championship was hosted by the ARDC Club and held at Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner GP Circuit on Sunday the 20th October 2019.

A sunny and warm spring day greeted all 85 competitors of which only 5 drivers represented the MX5 Club of NSW. This is our lowest ever amount of competitors for a NSW CAMS Supersprint round. Thank you to our 5 drivers who competed gallantly against a barrage of ARDC Club drivers.

Congratulations goes to Luke Kovacic 1st Place Class 6B time 1.44.61, Ralph Thompson 2nd Place Class 6B time 1.48.27, Ken Hardy 3rd Place Class 2B time 1.57.26, Marty Voormeulen 4th Place Class 5C time 1.53.64 and Ian Coombes 5th Place Class 5C time 1.55.62.

Congratulations goes out to the following MX5 Club Drivers on their 2019 Season Class results:

Class 1B -  1st Keith Monaghan  25pts

Class 2A -  1st Jamie Martin  125pts          2nd Andrew Digney  22pts

Class 2B -  2nd  Ken Hardy   102pts           5th  Malcolm Steel  69pts        6th Mark Kavanagh  34pts

Class 2C -  9th  Jamie Collins  20pts

Class 5C -  2nd Marty Voormeulen 85pts    6th  Mike Kelsey  20pts           8th Ian Coombes  16pts

Class 6A -  5th  Greg Bunn  20pts

Class 6B -  2nd Luke Kovacic   116pts         3rd  Ralph Thompson  96pts   4th Russ Maxwell  84pts

Class 6B -  6th  Dave Alland  36pts              9th  Ed Cory   18pts

Class 6C -  4th Jason Russell  64pts

Another congratulations goes to the following MX5 Club Drivers on their 2019 Season Type results:

Type 1 -  7th  Keith Monaghan  16pts

Type 2 -  9th  Ken Hardy  38pts                    15th  Malcolm Steel  27pts       16th Jamie Martin  24pts

Type 5 -  16th Marty Voormeulen 22pts

Type 6 -   2nd  Luke Kovacic   98pts              6th  Ralph Thompson 72pts      9th  Russ Maxwell  48pts

Congratulations goes out to Luke Kovacic who was a most successful driver gaining 2nd place in Class and Type. Congratulations also goes out to Jamie Martin and Keith Monaghan for 1st place in Class. Also thank you to Ken Hardy and Luke Kovacic who competed in all 6 rounds.

Congratulations goes to the ARDC who walked away with the Club Championship on 2703 points ahead of 2nd Place HSV Club on 1264 points and 3rd Place The MX-5 Club of NSW on 1000 points.

Next year there will be some Class rule changes to the championship. Hopefully we can encourage more competitors to register for the 2020 NSW Supersprint Championship and reinvigorate our proud Motorsport tradition. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all.