Nulon Tech Night

29 August 2013 / Words and photos by Keith Monaghan

Some 66 members of the MX-5 Club of NSW met at Nulon’s impressive plant at Moorebank for a night of education on oils. The Sydney, RPM, Illawarra and Hunter Chapters were all represented - thanks to all those who travelled a long way to support this excellent event.

The tech team of Ian Johnston and Blayne Fullford-Hurst put together an informative presentation of their products and how they related to the various models of MX-5.  They also gave recommendations for general driving and performance (track) driving.

We learnt about the difference between the base oils from mineral to top level synthetics. What the various additives are, what they do, how their structure and mixing can affect the oil in its working environment. We heard words like Moly, Zinc, and anti oxidation and realised, to paraphrase another company, oils aren't oils.

We were also given excellent information on gear box and diff oils, brake fluids and coolant.

This got everyone talking with many questions put to the Nulon staff over pizzas and drinks.

After our dinner we then split up into groups and toured their onsite manufacturing, packing and storage facility. The cleanliness and attention to detail showed Nulon's passion to the product they supply to the market.

After that the evening officially finished but with the interest generated the discussions continued for some time with some groups in front of white boards and others deep in conversation.

I would like to thank Paul Grimshaw for organising the night, John Simons for giving his time and his company's time to put on the presentation and all the Nulon staff that were involved with the evening.

To top the evening off we were all given a gift pack which included a 5L bottle of their excellent oil plus other interesting items.

If you technical information on their products you can contact them at and ask your questions.

Click here for many more photos from the night.