Port Macquarie Mazda Go-Kart Challenge

28 August 2017 / Words by Wayne Lang, Photos by Cathy Lang

Some photos from our "Port Macquarie Mazda Go-Kart Challenge", held at the Port Macquarie Indoor Go-Kart Track on Hastings River Drive.

A small group of attendees turned up for the annual challenge and some good times were posted. At the end of the day, Mark Wilson emerged as the victor, followed by myself and Kevin Atterill.

Afterwards, we did a few of the back roads around Rollands Plains and then back to the Telegraph Point pub for a lovely counter lunch.

Thanks to those of you that turned up. A fun day was had by all. Sorry for so many photos including myself, my wife Cath was in charge of the camera. Well that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Thanks to our sponsor Port Macquarie Mazda for supporting the Go-Kart Challenge.