Radford College Classic and Sports Car Show

11 November 2019 / Words by Bob Judd. Photos by Bob Judd and Rod Nicholas

2 November 2019

Under a cloudy and threatening sky, a group of ten cars gathered on the central oval of the Radford College to display our cars as part of their “Classic and Sports Car Show”. On the day, we joined forty or so other vehicles ranging from Alfas and Ferraris to Humbers and a Fire Truck. [I thought the little Lotus Elise was a beauty – finally a car with less boot space than the MX-5! RN]

For us, it was a chance to show our range of cars to a group of potential future members, both young and old, and talk about the benefits of joining our Club. For the school patrons, it was a chance to see that our cars were worthy of being considered as ‘genuine sports cars’ in an era where there are few still being built. 

We managed a good range of vehicles, from some great examples of the NB model through to the new ND roadster and RF models. Member Angelo bought along his DeLorean DMC-12, which really excited the “Back to the Future” movie lovers. Many photos were taken with the kids (both big and small) sitting in the driver’s seat! I think we also gained a couple of future new members as well.

The Radford Fete is well known for its great food and many of us enjoyed some tasty and well-priced curries from one of the many food stalls set up for the day.

After a couple of very light sprinkles, we all left before the major rain fell and were home early enough to have enjoyed a pleasant meeting out.

My thanks to those members that bought their cars along on the afternoon.

Bob Judd