Ranger's Twisters Midweek Run

04 March 2019 / Words: Kim Ranger Photos: Kim Ranger, Jan Gibson, Kerry Smith

What a day, what a turnout for our first midweek run for the Illawarra Chapter for 2019.  We met up at Haywards Bay for the start where we had 16 cars for the official start of the run.  Everyone was very excited to join us for the twisty run through the outskirts of the area.  After a coffee and a chat we ventured off towards Yallah through the back of Calderwood Valley on some lovely roads up Macquarie Pass where we had a great run with very little traffic before venturing through the back of Kangaroo Valley and stopping at Fitzroy Falls Reservoir for our morning tea break. Jill & Peter seemed to have the best time at morning tea!



It was great to see all the cars lined up in various colours and models with the odd Porsche and Mercedes for good measure.  After morning tea we all ventured off again through many twists and turns through Berry and onto Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club for lunch.  Here we were joined by Bob & Linda Downing for lunch.  We couldn’t have wished for a better day, beautiful sunshine, lovely lunch, the company was exceptional and the run was made easy with the help from Jan & Garry, Jen & Tony and tail end charlies Wally & Pat & Kerry & Jacqui.

Photos: Kim Ranger, Jan Gibson, Kerry Smith and Brendan Barr