Robertson Pie Run

29 May 2019 / Steve Wakeling, with additional words and photos by Rod Nicholas

It was a bright Wednesday Canberra morning in May. The gentle breeze cunningly cut like a knife. This did nothing to deter our 12-car convoy as we set out for a three-hour run to buy a pie.

No highways for us; we took the long way through heading through Sutton, Gundaroo, Gunning and Grabben Gullen before stopping at Crookwell for a coffee.

Recaffeinated, refreshed and warmed up, we headed off to Goulburn passing Pejar Dam which surprisingly was full (must be getting its water from somewhere other than clouds). The team thought the roads from Crookwell to Goulburn were excellent for bringing out the finer points of MX5s.

At Marulan we turned onto the Highland Way through Tallong, Wingello, Penrose, Exeter, and Werai, before chucking a right on to the Illawarra Highway and on to Robertson.

Being a Wednesday, the pie shop was nearly empty except for two people who just happened to be from the Illawarra Chapter (pre-arranged), so we invaded the place! The pies were hot and tasty, and some of the team even purchased packs of pies to take home. There were pies of all kinds; savoury, sweet and gluten free, and there were tarts available for the sweet tooth.

An excellent day was had by all, topped off with a non-calorie counting lunch.

[A short homeward bound detour took us to Belmore Falls Lookout, which was worth the effort - notwithstanding several kms of dirt road. The views are spectacular, although the wind shook the huge trees lining the road rather alarmingly. RN]