RPM Run to Millthorpe Markets

11 January 2019 / Story and Photos by Jackie and Grant Briggs

Sunday the 2nd December saw nine cars meet at Glenbrook. After some small talk at 8.00am we headed off up the Great Western Highway, with Paul and Sandie leading the way and Ron and Brigid bringing up the rear, to meet two more cars at Blue Mountains Mazda. Along the way there were a number of “hazards” hiding in the shadows with their radar out.

We then headed to Mt Victoria and turned right to head across to Bells Line rd, as we were motoring along to Lithgow the weather decided it was going to give us three seasons in one with a little bit of rain ,high winds which resulted in a Hat being blown off but good news the hat survived to live another trip.

Lithgow was the morning tea stop where on the way for a pee we stopped to smell the roses at the beautiful gardens.

Regrouping we headed off to Millthorpe at a leisurely pace where as we entered town more rain came down and with parking at a premium we split up to get a parking spot. The markets were lovely with lots different stalls to stock up the Xmas stocking with myself finding couple nice bottles of white to bring home. Lovely lunch at one of the local pubs followed by a walk around town before heading off, A great day had by all, Thanks to Sandie and Paul for the run.

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