Run to the Roses

24 October 2016 / Words and pictures by Malcolm Bernhardt


Words and pictures by Malcolm Bernhardt

Bowning Pub puts on a decent Sunday lunch so I booked 2 dozen of us in for our October Run. But the silly buggers, they told their Chef we were coming, whereupon he shot through.

So, search for a new venue. Well, The Roses Café at Goulburn has a great blackboard menu, and with morning/afternoon coffees at the Wood Works Bungendore, Colonial Inn Gundaroo respectively that should be a great alternative drive. A few other members obviously agreed, as Norm reckoned we ended up with 39 people in 20 vehicles. That’s a long line of Mexes.

Coffee at Wood Works was ok but place was chockers. Our longest member was already there, trying to hide from us. So, say hello then back to our machines, pass Tarago, slow for a salute at Wakefield and pull in at Goulburn’s Old Police Station carpark. A good spot this, it’s close to The Roses and as Peter showed, you can park in the 'Patrons Only' spots and not get booked.

The Gurrundah Road winds its way NW from Goulburn, its great MX-5 country with a lime green landscape now awash with new spring growth. Only trouble at present is the number of new pot holes from all the rain. Some folk liked the challenge of dodging same but me, maybe not. The lead car comes with that disadvantage.

A quick stop for a railway crossing photo shoot, then turn W onto the great Cullerin Range road, slow through sleepy Gunning township then turn S for Gundaroo. More bloody pot holes but hopefully no mishaps to finally pull up at Max Crowes Wine Bar. Your writer hopes the coffee here was ok, cos for him a slowly consumed Resches was an appropriate conclusion to the day.