Shannons Wheels

28 May 2014 / Words by: Bob Judd. Photos: Bob Judd and Roger Amos

Each year, the ACT Council of ACT Motor Clubs arranges a show and shine day for its member clubs to raise money for a local charity.  This year, the ‘Technical Aids for the Disabled, ACT’ group were the beneficiaries of the profits from the Shannons Wheels Exhibition.

The Canberra Chapter of the Mazda MX 5 Club has traditionally supported this day as, apart from the purpose of fund raising, it is usually a great day to be seen with the members of the other 60 or so Clubs in the Canberra Region that make up the diverse community that is the local group of specialised Car Clubs.

This year, the display was moved to a new location at King’s Park, on the northern side of Lake Burley Griffin.  This is a great location, providing wonderful views across the Lake.  The weather for the day was sunny, but cool, and in the afternoon a strengthening wind from the south provided a ready excuse to leave mid-afternoon.

More than 800 cars, bikes, trucks, fire engines and radio controlled model cars came along to Wheels to test out the new location.  I expect that next year, the numbers will get a lot higher as the venue is almost limitless in space. 

Only six of our members came along for the whole day, but a few others called in and spent some time with the group and bolstered the numbers.  The public support was enthusiastic, with many members of the public showing a great deal of interest in the cars, the Club’s BBQ trailer, and the Club.  One member, who had a ‘For sale’ sign on the car, was fortunate enough to successfully sell the car and the Chapter now has two new members as a result.

The day is as much about looking at the cars of others as it is about displaying our own vehicles.  There is always an amazing assortment of cars, new and old, to appeal to any car enthusiast. 

Next year, I’m sure the organisers will be a little more organised and the display numbers will be higher.

Bob Judd

Canberra Co-convenor