Sydney Chapter Christmas Jaunt

30 November 2018 / Words by Bryan Hicks, Photos by David Raghavan & Rob Wilkins

The Sydney Chapter Christmas Jaunt began with a drive from Eastern Creek up the Blue Mountains to Wentworth Falls to The Grand View Hotel, where we had a very tasty Christmas lunch. There were 34 members, all seated at four big tables. David Raghavan won the Sydney Chapter New MOTY award and was given a Sydney Chapter scarf for next winter. Andy and Vicky Bottomley won the Sydney Chapter MOTY award for their dedication, hard work and attendance. Congratulations to them all.

After lunch we headed west to Mt Victoria (9 cars) to Bells Line Of Rd, where we had a leisurely drive back to Sydney, stopping off at Maccas for an ice cream and a chat. We finally arrived back home at 7:15pm after our big day out.

Lovely day enjoyed by all.