The Fourth Be With You (Third Time Lucky)

16 November 2020 / Words Bailee & Jan Gibson. Photos Jan Gibson

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It’s a bit early to get up mum, I’ll just stay here and snuggle next to dad...what’s mum up to...busy in the kitchen packing lunches...this doesn’t look good I’ll go back to where’s he gone? I walked back to the kitchen and sat at mum’s feet looking up with the most sorrowful look on my little face. ‘What’s up Bailee? We’re going on a picnic you can come with us today’. Yay, I scooted over to the basket near the front door and waited patiently (as patiently as I could) for mum to get my harness and lead. Ok, car’s packed..the big girls (Chilli and Pepper) we’re out in the back yard..time to go.I sat on mums knee as we headed to Hayward’s Bay.
A group of people in red shirts were waiting when we arrived at Hungry Jacks, a quick hello and we were back in the car, roof down ready to go again. I sat on mum’s lap watching the scenery go by, my ears flapping in the wind while the strange smells in the air made my little nose twitch. After a little while I curled up on mum’s knee and had a snooze  I woke as we arrived at the park next to the Shoalhaven River for morning tea.


Mum unpacked some yummy treats for me while everyone had a coffee, tea or a cold drink before we went for a walk on the grass. We were nearly back to the picnic tables when group of school children walked past on there way to the sports field. They called out ‘how cute is that puppy’ l knew they were talking about me .
Back to the car for the next part of our drive. There was a bit of traffic but we soon turned onto some nice country roads, with more strange smells, as we made our way to Huskisson and on to Plantation Point reserve. What a great spot, there were other dogs there with their humans enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
Unpacked the car again and mum set up a spot on the grass with a blanket and umbrella for us right next to the picnic shelter where everyone set up for lunch. Lots of nice healthy food was devoured by a very hungry group..I had yummy roast lamb and a big bowl of cold water. After lunch we went for another walk to explore the area.. through the trees you could look out over the bay but it was very windy. We walked around to the south side of the park and found a track down to the beach..a dog free beach yay..mum took me for a walk on the sand which was great fun but I didn’t really like the waves. We made our way back to the group who by this time had finished eating so I was allowed to sit on mum’s lap at the table while everyone had a great chat and lots of laughs. I was getting a little tired so was pleased when dad said it was time to pack up ready for the drive home. A few people had already left by the time we got back to the car so we said our goodbyes and hopped in the car again.Mum decided it was too hot to put the roof down so we traveled back In comfort with the aircon on. Uncle Wally loved giving me cuddles and Aunty Hella and Uncle Mark said I was such a good girl I could come on the next picnic and mum and dad said that would be ok  of course On the way home I went to sleep again