THRARVO - The 3 Part Arvo

10 September 2017 / Story by Dianne Henderson & Photos by Helen Green

THRARVO (3 Part Arvo) was Saturday's run name
With a focus on getting into the Go-Kart Hall of Fame
So we met at Kearsley at Go Karts Go
Josh and Lindsay looking professional with helmets in tow.

9 men and 3 women willing to face the fear
And a bevy of MX-5 spectators ready to cheer that true what we heard?
Helen Green as a spectator? That's absurd!

Helen who loves speed not going to race?
Poor Helen was sick so it was the bench she faced
The racers all registered and tried on their head gear
A lovely blue shower cap and a giant helmet so you couldn't hear.

Races 14 and 17 were the MX-5 team's lot
Damn those helmets were tight and boy were they hot!
We all lined up ready to start
I led them out in my #12 Go-kart
The man said start at walking pace like mice
So off I went slow and steady as per advice
Obviously local rules did apply
As next minute past me everyone did fly.

So the foot went down and the Kart took flight
I gripped that wheel with all my might
But I still saw the back of a number of MX-5 shirts
As they slid by me, even Hendo. Damn that hurt!
So harder and faster I went, flying past people of all kinds
Ok - so most of that was in my own mind
By this stage my arms were aching and my hands sore
Were they ever going to stop, I didn't know if I could take any more.

Round 1 was over and it was a blast
Ok, so I came 23rd and wasn't so fast
Josh was the fastest on the course with his eyes on that gold medal
But there was one more race for others to catch up, so right foot to the pedal.

Race 2 took off and it was fast and it was mean
The men all trying to beat Josh's time - they were keen!
The last race seemed shorter but maybe it was that my arms were numb
Poor Hendo had to retire early, his breathing came undone.
So the scores were in and we waited with baited breath…
Who would take the men’s medal out – had someone overtaken Josh by stealth?
Out to the podium in the car park for medal allocation.
It was tight and it was close for male domination.

But Josh nipped them to the post for gold then up next was Andrew for silver medal.
At only .04 of a second later, Greg took out bronze with his mighty pedal.
The women’s gold medal was always clearly defined,
With Lindsay flying well in front with Elaine and yours truly lagging well behind.
Lindsay nabbed the gold a full 10 seconds in front of my time
With Elaine taking bronze – it was a toss up between her time and mine
A fantastic time was had by one and by all with stories to tell
Even with the sore arms, hands and some bruising as well.
Some said goodbye and then seven cars drove off to Bimbadeen Lookout
Hendo trying to convince me he would have won if his lungs hadn't given out!
Through beautiful scenery and lots of smoke from bushfires we did drive
Along a six kilometre dirt road which felt like twenty-five (kilometres).

Diann was happy to have her Hyundai loan car
As she reckoned Goldie would have not taken to the dirt road (she only likes tar)
Up to Bimbadeen Lookout for a magnificent view
More beautiful scenery and a tad chilly too.

Then to Cessnock to have our fill of Chinese
It was a banquet of dishes and then some dessert...deep-fried ice cream please
And the funny coincidence that was in our sight,
Was that the restaurant owner was Dave Ho's uncle, our host for the night!
So now it is Sunday ... aching arms and a bruise on my butt I fear.
Sitting and contemplating would I do it again next year?
Hell yes I say!  Watch out Lindsay! I may be older,
But next year I'll be chasing something golder!

Big thanks to Andrew, hip hip hooray!
For a fantastic THRARVO and a fabulous day...

Helen's Photos: HERE