Twilight at the Bay

21 January 2018 / Story: Dianne Henderson, Photos: Rob Wilko

The run was called Twilight at the Bay
The first-ever Hendo run everyone would say.
After doing a trial run (nicknamed the reccy)
Everything was organised so it was time to sit back and have some fun.

Then we received an email from John to say the numbers were growing.
The numbers showed 21 cars and 35 bods – the maths started flowing.
The numbers were large, the cars were many.
How were we going to cope with one large group? We’d have to be canny.


Luckily the restaurant was very kind.
Set up a whole section on the waterfront – what a find!
Now for the run - John and Lindsay suggested splitting the group into two.
But the big question was we needed a run leader and who?

Lucky for us the Marshalls had been on the reccy
So made a quick call straight after brekky.
“Please, please lead the second group up to the Bay”.
“This will require some thinking” they did say. 

But after a night of thinking and their own reccy the next day,
They rang to say  “Sure we’d like to play”!
So two groups it was that left Thornton in a straight line,\
One via Gan Gan lookout and one straight to dine.


Through copious roundabouts and along Grahamstown dam we burned
Through newly laid road that had melted in last week’s Tomago fire we learned.
Around Bob’s Farm via Marsh Road, a winding road with no hill,
A long string of MX-5s flowed giving the locals a thrill.

Group 1 veered off to Gan Gan Lookout up Lily Hill Road,
To magnificent views and photo opportunities in overload.
Then off to the Bay Harbour Café which was the place to be
Out on the waterfront with a beautiful breeze.

The groups came together for a twilight dinner
Elaine Gazzard’s recommendation, the Bay Harbour Café, seemed to be a definite winner.
People started leaving except for a few who walked to the Marina where ice cream was found.
Then home to our beds all safe and sound.


Now for the thank you’s please bare with us for a mo
To the Marshalls for stepping up and doing such a great job – everyone said so!
To John and Lindsay for their great advice
Answering our emails not once but sometimes twice.

To everyone who came along and made it so much fun
Thank you, thank you - what a drive, what a club, what a first run!
So watch out, we’ll be back again in August next time
To hopefully not get lost and lead the run to Copeland Gold Mine.

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