Two Museums and Two Towns Run

16 July 2018 / Words by Judith Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

Saturday 7th July saw a small but dedicated group of club members gather at the Donut with their various versions of the MX5.  Graham with his Blue BMW MX-5, Pam and Allen with their newly washed sparkling red ND and Judith and John with their Galaxy Grey NC.

Although it was the first Saturday of the holidays there was little traffic either way and we didn’t see a Safety Patrol officer until we turned into Taree. Our ride through Coopernook and Lansdowne was made more interesting by the variety of items on the footpaths ready for the Council pickup.

Wingham was surprisingly quiet, the markets were on at the Showground and local junior sport is popular.  John and Susan, new members from Forster Tuncurry with a very tidy beautiful green NB joined the run. After morning tea at Bent on Food we were able to appreciate the town and the Wingham museum. It is an interesting place to visit and some of us who recognised so many items from our youth wondered when a “Folk” museum might claim us as exhibits.

The drive to Nabiac was very pleasant and the many roadworks we encountered on our last run had been completed, making it a scenic and varied drive along the Gloucester Rd, Buckets' Way and through Krambach and Wallanbah. There are many small acreages along this road and the patches of green, dotted with livestock were very picturesque.  We arrived in Nabiac via the Pacific Highway overpass and headed to the Greenhouse Café for lunch. The food there is freshly prepared and the menu offers a good variety of home cooked dishes.

John and Susan had to leave us for their school holiday cat and dog sitting responsibilities and the rest of the group drove to the Nabiac Motorcycle museum. This is a mind-boggling collection, not only motorcycles but classic cars, memorabilia, collectables and regalia. John, who has owned many motorcycles over many years, is already planning his next visit and was the last to leave. Graham, Pam and Allen had already left and Judith ended her first run as organiser with a Choctop in the sun.

This run was enjoyable, leisurely and gave us an opportunity to see a little more of places that we visit for meals. I would like to add that organising a run gave me a new insight into the work involved and I’d like to thank members of the group who have planned so many enjoyable runs over the years. I know our convenors would welcome any ideas for future runs.