Volunteering at MX-5 Club motorsport events

03 February 2019 / Ian Combes

The club has made up a 'casual' volunteer schedule for the various MX5 Club motorsport events this year.

Included in this schedule are track days, hillclimbs and motorkhanas.

I'm in the process of setting up a volunteers page on the website, but haven't managed to do that yet, so I'm going to post the schedule as an image on Facebook, because we need to start organising volunteers for the track day on the 17th February. Have a look at the schedule, and decide with these events you would like to volunteer for (particularly the 17th February, but any event is ok). Remember that you need to drop a track day round this year, so that's a chance to do some volunteering.

You can also volunteer for a motorkhana or a hillclimb of course.At the moment I'm not making volunteering a requirement for scoring points in the motorsport championship due the lack of notice, but if we don't get enough people putting their hand up, I might reneg on that!

Please have a look at the schedule, and email competition@mx5.com.au with the event and the role that you would like to volunteer for. This schedule will be updated to reflect the remaining available roles and posted on the motorsport web page, when I figure out how to finish setting that up... 

The Club needs volunteers, so don't assume that someone else will do it!

Flagging at MX-5 Club track days

 2019 MX-5 Club motorsport volunteer schedule