Wakefield Action

10 October 2019 / Words (mostly) and pictures by Jon Fox

23 September 2019

The day didn’t look all that promising, but six hardy Canberra chapter members warmed up five cars for a Monday run to watch the Club’s track day at Wakefield Park. We could have taken the obvious, quick way through Bungendore, but that would be most unlike an MX-5 Club run, so we set off through Gunning and up along the Great Dividing Range for a brunch stop at Crookwell’s Café Zestt. The roads are fun, and all agreed it was a pleasant run. Happily recaffeinated, it was then onwards to the track.

The cold wind at the track threatened to cut short the enjoyment, but undeterred we took a short walk around, and caught up for a chat with a couple of the Canberra region locals participating in the event.

It might have been s cold at the track, but the action was hot. It’s great to see what these little cars are capable of.

Even though the spring day was bitterly cold, it was a good run. Better still, we managed to avoid most of the scattered showers. All in all, a day well spent.