Wanted: PHP/SQL programmer to update Event Entry system

03 April 2017 / Ian Combes

Do you have a good knowledge of PHP programming and MySQL programming, and wanted to want to make a highly valued contribution to the club, but didn't know how?

Even better - do you use the club's event entry system for our track days, and want to improve it?

Well the club needs your help!

The MX-5 Club Event Entry system used for managing entries for club track days is written in PHP, accessing data in a MySQL database.

There are a couple of updates we would like to make to add new features to the site which should be easily done with a couple of evenings work.

To get this done you would need to:
- review the operation of the current site
- discuss the new requirements with the MX-5 Club Event Secretary and Event Manager
- set up a local clone of the current production database and code set for development and testing
- modify the PHP software (and database schema if necessary), to implement the new requirements
- test and demonstrate the changed software
- assist with updating the production system to use the new code

If you think you can help, please contact Ian Combes on 0433 159 726 or David Lawler on 0403 070 644.