Wheels Exhibition

09 April 2018 / Words and photos: Bob Judd

Shannon’s Wheels Exhibition on Sunday, 4 March 2018, was organised by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs and sponsored by Shannons with most makes and club types represented. This year it was held at the Queanbeyan showground and the Queanbeyan Council was most helpful and keen to have the exhibition. It was a sunny and warm day and we were glad we had the trailer which has the club gazebo, providing much needed shade. There was a good range of car makes set out across the showground and a couple of our club members provided volunteer duties on the main gate.

The MX5s were a little crowded with our 22 cars trailer and gazebo. All models were represented, with the front row displaying an example of each model. The BBQ trailer was on show but unable to be used due to a rule of the exhibition. People came and asked about the different models and we may see some new members when they purchase their own car. The trailer experienced an electrical issue with the plug connection and Dave Battisson from MX5 Solutions rectified that the following week.

We took it in turns to visit the other groups and many interesting conversations were had with proud owners of other make of car. Owners are always more than happy to discuss their cars and this creates a very good community atmosphere. The Queanbeyan Mayor and his wife came in an open top Rolls Royce and the whole day took on a very relaxed and festive atmosphere.

As the day progress to the afternoon the displays started to pack up and the cars left the arena to their home garages.