02 December 2019

A small but very determined Band of BreakFast Club Brothers departed Heathcote McDonalds for Berry on a cool Sunday morning. Not only were weather conditions on the mild side but so too were a number of members who had chosen to don some of their more lairy pieces of attire for the trip. In a final statement of fashion, one of our number decided to bring along his Lotus Evora – complete with a comprehensive performance exhaust - for everybody’s viewing (and listening) pleasure.


After a warm up along the Old Princes Highway, the group attacked the Wollondilly Double Gorges of Broughton Pass and Douglas Park Drive. With their tight switchbacks and rock walled edges, these roads provide an excellent test of steering and throttle inputs as well as an aural cacophony of engine and exhaust notes.


A brief transport stage along the Hume Highway into the Southern Highlands ensued before the group embarked on some BreakFast Club favourites. Old South and Tourist Roads are a pure delight for open top motorists with the flowing roads and picturesque rural landscape a wonderful early morning companion.


After a brief comfort stop at The Robertson Pie Shop (and plenty of discussion about the Lotus) the group forged onwards through Wildes Meadow and into Kangaroo Valley. This can often be highly populated with leisurely traffic and although a few vehicles were encountered, there was enough clean air to allow for an enjoyable drive. The decision was made to head to Berry via Cambewarra Lookout Road to avoid any further interruptions. This was a wise choice and the tight country lanes and even surface allowed for a spirited finish to the morning. Breakfast was at Just Delicious, a café well worth your patronage on your next visit to the town.


The BreakFast Club has a full calendar of events planned for 2020 and always welcomes members, new or old, along for a morning of great roads, conversation and coffee.