Ye Olde Trading Post

15 September 2018 / Poem - Dianne Henderson Photos - Lyn Davis

At Cessnock Airport the Hunter MX-5s gathered for a Sunday morning run

To the old Trading Post at Laguna for some food, fun and sun.

There were plenty of people and lots of MX-5 engines ready to start

With our fearless run leader, Kung Fu Dave, at the heart.


Some welcomes to new members, Chris & Sam On their maiden journey…

what a day was planned.

Hendo offered the Marshalls up as tail-end Isn’t he a fabulous friend!


So off we headed all in a row

Through the vineyards at least for a mo…

Only a few kilometres on and Dave called a pit stop

So into Harrigans car park we all did hop.


Why a break after such a short distance and a small wait?

It was Jenny & Barry in their BMW running a little late.

Much was made of their arrival and ribbing of course

Back on to the road – an MX-5 tour de force.


Through vineyards and mountains our MX-5s sped

With our stomachs growling and waiting to be fed.

Past Two Fat Blokes and Wollombi village Definitely worth a pilgrimage!


Onward and upward we roared

Until behind a white sedan we paused.

The sedan was weaving left to right at a snail pace.

Maybe too much wine tasting he’d embraced?


No…just a sightsee-er on a slow Sunday drive

So past we went with a high-five!

We arrived at the Trading Post in time for brunch

Although some of us were slower and settled in for lunch.


The Trading Post was quaint with lots of old world charm

The yummy Blackberry Jam for sale certainly didn’t do any harm.

Even the restrooms looked like they were straight from Lord of the Rings!

With a green pointy roof it was fit for a Hobbit if not for kings.


Yet another great run with great company.

Can’t wait for the next one as there’s always more to see.

Thank you Kung Fu Dave…5 stars for the day

You did a great job…nothing more to say!