Zoom Zoom with ZOOM

05 May 2020 / Story Brian Clayton, Picture Anda Clayton

First South Coast event for a while. Not being able to meet for coffee in person, we decided to do it online. Zoom Zoom with Zoom was the answer and joining in were Anne and Graeme from Mollymook, Bob and Linda from Callala Beach, Geoff and Rose from Sanctuary Point, Mal and Jan from Tomakin and Brian and Anda from Mollymook Beach as well. There was not a lot of news, with Keith's latest email being the main item. Everybody expressed the wish to get meeting and greeting again. There was a suggestion that 5 or 6 MX5s could travel independently to a picnic ground and "accidentally" meet up, but that was considered probably not likely to meet with anyone's approval. It might be hard to explain to local authorities as well as the MX5 club committee. There was much chat about the virus and how each of us was coping via gardening, home hobbies, home teaching grandchildren, etc. We all agreed that this would be a replacement for our regular monthly coffee meeting until such time as we are allowed to do it at our coffee shop.