Canberra Motorsport

Motorsport is a relatively small but significant activity for the Canberra Chapter. We are fortunate to have two excellent venues/events for "low impact" motorsport - the hillclimb at Fairburn Park on Sutton Road, and the adjacent driver training centre with its sealed flat area that is just made for motorkanas. We also have Wakefield Park circuit at nearby Goulburn, and the driver training centre a few kilometres further down the road at Marulan.

Many of our members are taking advantage of these facilities, and our motorsport-friendly MX5s, to enjoy their cars, have fun and develop their skills in a safe environment. In 2015 a dozen Canberra Chapter motorsport regulars and newcomers competed in Club track days and driver training, the NSW Supersprint Championships, as well as inter-club events such as the MG Car Club of Canberra motorkanas, Southern Districts Motorsport Association hillclimbs, autocross, and even the Victorian 6hr Regularity Relay at far away Phillip Island. Chapter members have also assisted at Club-run events, including acting as officials and driver coaches.

It says a lot about our MX5s that there is currently only one dedicated racecar in the Chapter – all of the others are road registered, with a range of modifications but mostly they are stock or very lightly modified. Historically, standard MX5s have had wide use, both as a stepping stone to get a driver into competition and as the long term basis of competition, and are seen by the wider motorsport community as a cheap, reliable, good handling car that rewards the driver with maximum satisfaction for minimum cost.

The attachedcalendar (in Microsoft Excel format or PDF format) sets out the many opportunities that 2016 will offer for Canberra-based members to participate in, and the regulars, and the soon-be-regulars, would love to see you at one of these. Come along and spectate, talk to some of the participants, or quiz one of us at one of our Chapter social events or runs. Alternatively, ask a question or tell us what you are interested in and we will get one of our motorsport members to contact you. DO IT IN 2016!!