Canberra Chapter News

Club Torque Autumn Cover Competition

01 May 2019 / Mel Keller

Take part in the Club Torque Autumn cover competition and make your car a star.

Iandra Castle

01 May 2019 / Story by Ian Bottcher, (additional words by Rod Nicholas). Photos by Rod Nicholas

Sunday 28 April saw 22 MX5s loaded up with 39 people leave Hall layby for Iandra Castle (aka Mt Oriel Homestead). The road to Iandra Castle took us through some very, very small villages (including the thriving metropolis of Murringo and Bendick Murrell), and some lonely sealed back roads that had not been travelled before by many of the group.

As good as it gets. Our Great Ocean Road Adventure

20 April 2019 / Report by Julie Austin and Rhonda Evans, photos by Rod Nicholas

It couldn’t get any better – perfect weather, waves crashing on the beaches and tops down for the 47 kilometre leg between Lorne and Apollo Bay. This is one of the best drives along a coastline in the world and we were enjoying every minute. And it was only Day 4 of our two-week run along the Great Ocean Road (GOR).

Albury-Rutherglen Ramble

19 April 2019 / Report by Steve Wakeling

Steve organised great weather, quiet country roads and wineries galore for our Albury-Rutherglen Ramble. Ramblers found there is always room in a jam-packed MX-5 boot for a few souvenir bottles of wine.

The Escarpment Run

10 April 2019 / Report by Steve and Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Rod Nicholas and Steve Wakeling.

A bit of weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the group as we joined Steve on his inaugural run as leader - the Escarpment Run. It was a hoot!

Shannons Wheels 2019

04 March 2019 / Report by Bob Judd. Photos by Bob Judd, Giulia Schiemer and Rob Wilko

It was a hot and sunny day for this year’s annual Shannons Wheels display, but we were all pleasantly surprised with the large number of visitors who wandered over to ask about and admire the good range of vehicles our members were able to display.

The Cars That Ate Bathurst

04 March 2019 / Words Mel Keller Photos Mel keller Rob Wilkins Andrew Edgar David Bourne

How best to celebrate the MX-5 30th Anniversary? Mount Panorama, Bathurst is a uniquely Australian confluence of blood-pumping motor sport and scenic Sunday drive. It was a natural choice for a gathering of MX-5 friends.

Canberra Convenors' Lunch at Bowral

01 March 2019 / Report by Giulia Schiemer. Photos by Jill Wicklander and Rod Nicholas

Thirteen cars and 25 people made their way to the Southern Highlands last Sunday (24 February 2019) on our Convenors’ Run.

Canberra Chapter Bathurst Blast

23 February 2019 / Report by Giulia Schiemer, Photos courtesy of Rob Wilkins and Rod Nicholas

The Canberra Chapter's run to Bathurst was a treat, with 26 members driving 14 cars heading off from The Baker at Sutton and another six members in three cars and two visitors in two cars joining us later.

South Coast Chapter first gathering - photo by Anda Clayton

South Coast Chapter launch

04 February 2019 / Story by Bryan Shedden, Photo by Anda Clayton

It's finally happened folks! The inaugural meeting of the South Coast Chapter! Our great Club takes it's next important step in providing for our regional members.

Australia Day 2019 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Australia Day Picnic 2019

04 February 2019 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rob Wilkins, Karina Santolin & Mel Keller

A stinking hot day, thong tossing competition, wacky races, BBQs, plenty to eat and drink, and a hoard of MX-5s in patriotic decoration. It's Australia Day 2019.

Five Hills Run

30 January 2019 / Report by Giulia Schiemer, Photos courtesy of Rob Wilkins and Rod Nicholas

It was a very warm Sunday afternoon for our first official run of 2019, but that didn't deter a keen group of 45 starters, including 4 visitors.

Club Torque Cover Competition

22 January 2019 / Words Mel Keller

Entries are now open for the Summer Club Torque cover competition.

National Parks Concession Card Holder Application

15 January 2019 / Brigid Gallop

Those members who have a Senior Card or Australian Pension card are eligible for free entry to our National Parks. As we at RPM do intend to visit some National Parks this year it would be a good idea to get a National Park card.

Canberra Chapter Christmas Lunch and Awards

15 January 2019 / Guilia Schiemer

Christmas is a special time, even more so if you were among the 61 members who turned out for the Christmas Lunch and Awards Presentation at the Yowani Country Club on 15 December 2018.

Wee Jasper Jaunt

19 December 2018 / Report by Patrick McBride, Photos courtesy of Rob Wilkins & Rod Nicholas

Twenty-five of us in sixteen cars assembled at Russell Square on a warm sunny morning for a memorable run through picturesque farmland and forest to Wee Jasper, and then on to Yass.

Marques in the Park

19 December 2018 / Story by Bob Judd, Photos by Rob Wilkins

The annual Marques in the Park day was a great day to signal the end of winter and the start of the warmer spring and summer. And we had a terrific site to show off our cars, sitting on the side of a slight hill in the shade, looking down on the poor people with their GT Falcons, Porsches and Ferraris.

Tour de Tassie - ND 1 vs ND2 - photo by Joe Kovacic

Tour de Tassie - ND1 vs ND2 Comparison

24 November 2018 / Words & Photos by Joe Kovacic

What an opportunity to compare the ND1 against the ND2 in no better place than the roads and tracks of Tasmania. Where else in the country can you drive around with your track numbers on?

Christmas is coming

28 October 2018

Have you booked to attend your Chapter's Christmas party? Read on for more details.

Club Torque Winter 2018

Latest edition of Club Torque is out now

11 October 2018 / Words by Bryan Shedden

The Winter 2018 edition of Club Torque is a bit late but is now appearing in your letterbox. If you did not receive the printed magazine and you want one, then there is a probably a good reason why you didn't receive it. Read on ...

President's Picnic 2018 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Presidents Picnic 2018

25 September 2018 / Words by Michael Soulos, Photos by Rob Wilkins, Peter Hilkmann, Greg Unger, Keith Monaghan, David Bourne

The results and some stats on the President's Picnic 2018 are now available. For all members and visitors attending, the Club wishes to express its appreciation for their participation and support for the biggest annual event on our Club's calendar.

Berrima Courthouse Run

06 September 2018 / Words: Barry Matson, Photos: Barry Matson, Rod Nicholas

Barry leads eleven MX-5s on a run to Berrima, on a winding road through townships often forgotten, and learns that even a 'bad day' can be lots of fun.

Christmas in July - Run to St Clements, Galong

12 August 2018 / Words: Norm Barker, Photos: Peter Le

On 21 July 2018, 20 cars enjoyed a run out to St Clements at Galong, for overnight Christmas in July celebrations.

Supersprint SMP GP 15 May 2016

Volunteers needed for September NSW Supersprint

01 August 2018 / David Lawler

Volunteers for NSW Supersprint in September receive a 50% discount on the following track day.

Club Logo

Member Portal Update

17 July 2018 / Bryan Shedden

Due to recent changes by the provider of our membership system, passwords in our membership database are now encrypted and therefore not visible to administrators. Read on for the latest advice on how to reset your password.

Chasing the Brass Monkey

04 July 2018 / Michael Soulos

Join the 123 who have registered to chase the Brass Monkey for charity on Sunday. If you have nothing to do that is better than a run into the dawn in an open MX-5 surrounded by other roadsters for breakfast with likeminded enthusiasts on Sunday then register now.

Brass Monkey Run

Register now for the Brass Monkey

27 June 2018 / Words by Michael Soulos

It is two weeks out from the start of the Brass Monkey Run and we have 55 registrations and anticipate to more than doubling that number by the time the chase starts at 6.00am on Sunday 8th July.

Binalong Motor Musem

14 June 2018 / Words: Ian Bottcher, Photos: Peter Le

Saturday 9 June saw 17 MX5s loaded with 27 people leave the ACT heading for the Binalong Motor Museum. While the outside temperature was relatively mild, there had been overnight rain which persisted into the morning (albeit lightly), meaning roofs up unfortunately.

Canberra Chapter - Orange Gathering Run

14 June 2018 / Words and Pictures: Norm Barker

A cold but clear day met us for the start of the Canberra Chapter run to Orange. With only two cars it was an informal run and we decided on stops as a small group.

Run to Bright in Autumn

05 June 2018 / Words: Ken Keeling, Photos: Ken Keeling (KK) and Shelley Owen (SO)

A dreary, drizzly morning greeted us as we headed toward the rendezvous of Canberra Chapter’s Run to Bright from Friday 4 May to Monday 7 May, which did not bode well for the run to Bright.

H.A.R.S. Air Museum Midweek Run

03 June 2018 / Words: Wal and Jane Hick, Photos: Norm Barker

On a beautiful foggy Wednesday morning, a group of 10 cars and 16 people headed for the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society museum in Albion Park.

Taralga Lunch Run

08 May 2018 / Report and photos: Kerry Evans

On 29 April 2018, on a cloudy and cool Canberra morning, we met at McDonalds at Epic for our run to lunch at the Taralga Hotel.

Convenor's BBQ and Mystery Run

08 May 2018 / Report and Photos: Norm Barker

It was a glorious Canberra sunny and unseasonably warm day on Saturday, 21 April 2018, as the group of 22 members in 13 cars gathered to enjoy the annual Convenor's BBQ Mystery Run.

A Beautiful Spring Wedding

22 April 2018 / Words and photos: Norm Barker

It was a Friday afternoon 17 November 2017 and a special day for Phil and Lauren

Canberra Gourmand Tour of the Far South Coast

22 April 2018 / Words: Julie Austin, Photos: Peter Le

All tops were down for a perfect drive from Canberra to Tathra for a long weekend.

Five Hills Run

10 April 2018 / Words: Martin Robertson, Photos: Norm Barker

The first run for the year was the annual 5 Hills Run and was held on the 14 January, with 16 cars, NA, NB, NC and ND all turning up, most with a co-pilot.

Wheels Exhibition

09 April 2018 / Words and photos: Bob Judd

Shannon’s Wheels Exhibition on Sunday, 4 March 2018, was organised by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs and sponsored by Shannons with most makes and club types represented

Goulburn Sights and Lunch

09 April 2018 / Words: Norm Barker, Canberra Chapter Convenor

Twenty-six of us in sixteen cars assembled at Russell Square on a warm sunny morning for our outing to Goulburn

Vice Presidents' Resignation

28 March 2018 / Words by Keith Monaghan

Would you like to be a part of the committee of this great club?

Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies are Doing it for Cancer

15 February 2018 / Words by Tammie Hotz

The Pink Ladies of MX-5 are a team of five MX-5 Club ladies who will compete in the 6 Hour Regularity Relay at Eastern Creek on the Easter weekend. We are putting our driving and strategy skills to the test to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Let's KISS CANCER GOODBYE! Please donate.

Australia Day 2018 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Australia Day Picnic 2018

28 January 2018 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rob Wilkins

If there is a better way to celebrate Australia Day than fun & games with your MX-5 mates, then we don't know what it is. The inaugural MX-5 Packing Challenge would prove that it is possible for a couple to to take everything needed for a camping weekend. And when it inevitably rains, you can pack it all away in as little as 38 seconds.

Number Plate Covers

28 December 2017

Do you want the best looking number plates!

NatMeet 2018

NatMeet 2018 Update

14 December 2017 / Hans Oldenhove

NatMeet XIII is now less than four months away and there have been some minor revisions. Please read on for the latest news release. There are still opportunities to attend NatMeet XIII in the Barossa Valley SA in April 2018.

Marques in the Park 2017

11 December 2017 / Words: Norm Barker, Pictures: Ed Cory

It had been wet leading up to Sunday, 12 November, which put some doubt on the annual Marques in the Park display going ahead, but the day cleared to be bright, sunny and warm.

Motorsport 20th Anniversary - photo by Rob Wilkins

Motorsport 20th Anniversary

03 December 2017 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rob Wilkins, Mel Keller, Josh Fitzgerald & Julie Farquhar

Motorsport has always been an important key to the success of the MX-5 Club of NSW, with our club members competing since the beginning in 1990. Our first club track day that we organised entirely on our own was at Wakefield Park on 20th January 1997. It is now 20 years since that major step for our club and on the weekend of 25/26 November 2017, we celebrated in some considerable style.

Wakefield Park Track Day Parade Lap - photo by Tiit Saul

20th Anniversary of Motorsport Event Schedule

22 November 2017

View our jam-packed schedule of track events for the 20th Anniversary of Motorsport Sunday November 26

Motorsport 20th Anniversary Spectator Events

10 November 2017 / Mel Keller

Hot Laps, Trackday Tours, Race Car displays - for spectators, there'll be so much to see and do at our MX-5 Club 20th Anniversary of Motorsport event.

Corin Dam Run

03 November 2017 / Words and Photos: Barry Matson

Barry was not expecting a great turn-out for this run because it was only a Saturday afternoon trip, but fifteen cars turned up for a great run to admire a couple of dams and to have a leisurely lunch at the Corin Forest Resort.

A Run to the Historic Railway Town of Junee

02 October 2017 / Text: Bob Judd, Photos: Bob Judd and Bricet Kloren

Ten cars, and 20 people, enjoyed a lovely weekend run to the historic railway town of Junee

Mazda Australia RF

Playing it safe

20 September 2017 / Words by Mel Keller

Talk to anyone about driving an MX-5 and it won’t be long before you hear the words "wind in my hair". Yet, long, tussled tresses can be a distraction on the road. Here’s how a little bit of careful can give you a whole lot of carefree when driving your convertible.

Drone photo of President's Picnic 2017 - photo by Breno Mac

President's Picnic 2017 & Car Show Trophies

18 September 2017 / Words by Michael Soulos, Photos by Rob Wilkins and Breno Mac

The 2017 President's Picnic was a huge success judging from the 183 people attending, the 131 MX-5s on show, and the complimentary comments on the free catering provided by the Club. Read on for all the results.

Orange Gathering Run

11 September 2017 / Words and photos: Norm Barker

A group of 26 members in 13 cars from Canberra joined the Orange Gathering for a perfect weekend thanks to the weather and the way we were looked after at all the places we visited.

A Tale of Two Extremes

27 August 2017 / Story and Photos by Owen Sinden

A tale of two different events; from the point of view of a newbie.

Club hillclimb July 2017 - photo by Grant Webber

Hillclimb Round 2

22 August 2017 / Article: Keiran Taylor, Photos: Grant Webber

Keiran is a stay-at-home mum of two toddlers and treated herself to some "mummy me time" at the Ringwood Park hillclimb. Read on for her story. Entries for the final hillclimb round of 2017 are now open!

New rules for Concours d'Elegance

17 August 2017 / Michael Soulos

The rules for judging entrants in Concours d’Elegance have been changed for 2017 as a trial of the Open Concours Rules to allow those members with MX-5s that were previously judged down on originality able to compete on a more even playing field for Concours honours.

2015 CareFlight donation - presentation by Glenn Thomas (Vice President) to John Legge (CareFlight Air Crewman) on 11 December 2015

Charity Lunch for CareFlight

30 July 2017 / Story by Lindsay Green & Josh Fitzgerald & Photos by Peter Hilkmann & Rob Wilko

Each year the MX-5 Club of NSW organises a charity lunch event to help raise funds for the club’s chosen charity – CareFlight. This year the Hunter chapter was chosen to host this prestigious event.

Canberra Chapter Annual Chapter Meeting

27 July 2017

The Canberra Chapter Annual Chapter Meeting will be held on Wednesday 16 August at the Woden Southern Cross Club in the Rainbow Room at 7:30 PM following dinner in the Golden Grille Bistro at 6:00pm. Come along and enjoy dinner and a brief meeting.

Winter Warmer and Charity Lunch

24 July 2017 / Words: Bricet Klören, Pictures: Peter Le

The Canberra Chapter raised a total of $2,126.65 at our Winter Warmer and Charity Lunch on 23 July 2017!

Zooming 2017

05 July 2017 / Painted and donated by Kerry Shepherdson

Renowned Canberra-based artist, Kerry Shepherdson, has specially painted and generously donated an MX-5 themed painting for auction at Sunday, 23 July, Canberra Chapter Charity Lunch - why not make a bid on the painting pre-auction?

Hunter Valley Weekend

05 July 2017 / Text and Photos - Ken Keeling

The Canberra Chapter enjoyed a great weekend away in the Hunter Valley, including the wonderful all-club charity lunch at Mulla Villa.

Jugiong Jaunt

03 July 2017 / Words: Ian Bottcher, Photos: Peter Le

Fifty-two keen Canberra Chapter members enjoyed a very successful lunch outing to the Sir George at Jugiong.

Charity Lunch for CareFlight, 28 May 2017 at Mulla Villa, Wollombi

MX-5 Club Charity Run and Lunch

30 May 2017 / Words by Keith Monaghan, Photo by Peter Hilkmann

Our annual charity fundraiser event for CareFlight was a huge success on Sunday. How much did we raise? Read on to find out.

Help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of MX-5 Club motorsport

07 May 2017 / Ian Combes

Come and help celebrate 20 years of MX-5 Club motorsport on the 26th November at Wakefield Park!

Convenor's Mystery Run and BBQ

26 April 2017 / Words: Norm Barker, Photos: Norm Barker and Bricet Klören

On a wild, wet and woolly day, Canberra Chapter Convenor, Norm Barker, ably assisted by Roz, organised and led the Convenor’s Mystery Run and BBQ, on Sunday, 9 April. Did everyone get to the BBQ destination? Were the sausages washed away? And who received a surprise award?

Riverina Run

20 April 2017 / Words: Saturday AM & Monday - Tony McDonald, Saturday PM & Sunday - Annie Taylor. Photos: Annie Taylor & Tony McDonald

A very popular run to the Riverina was enjoyed by all participants, but did anyone see a ghost?

2015 CareFlight donation - presentation by Glenn Thomas (Vice President) to John Legge (CareFlight Air Crewman) on 11 December 2015

Annual Charity Lunch webpage has opened

04 April 2017

The webpage for the Annual Charity Lunch for CareFlight has opened! This year's event is being held in Wollombi and hosted by the Hunter Chapter. Come and join us for a fun filled day and raise funds for a worthy cause!

Wanted: PHP/SQL programmer to update Event Entry system

03 April 2017 / Ian Combes

The MX-5 Club is looking for a PHP/MySQL programmer to help with the club website.

Ultimate Sydney to Melbourne - photo by Philip Yee

Ultimate Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

27 March 2017 / Words & Photos by Philip Yee

Can you imagine declining Mazda-paid return flights to Melbourne from Sydney to attend MX-5 Fan Fest? It was an easy decision for Philip when the alternative was the ultimate road trip from Sydney to Melbourne 1,600km and 23 hour drive time. This is a bucket list item ticked.

2017 Shannons Wheels Display

14 March 2017 / Words and pictures by Bob Judd

The 35th annual Shannons Wheels Day was held in the Treasury Car Park on Sunday 13 March 2017, on a sunny and warm Autumn day with our club providing 13 cars, covering all 4 models of our chosen marque.

Mazda MX-5 RF Launch day

28 February 2017 / Article: Josh & Lindsay Green - Photos: Josh Fitzgerald, Peter Hilkmann & Rob Wilkins

There is always an air of excitement when a new model or variant of an MX-5 is launched. The MX-5 ND RF was one of the most exciting to date.

Stadium Seat sale - Feb 2017

MX-5 Club picnic seats - run out sale!

13 February 2017 / Alan Townsley

Get your MX-5 Club folding picnic seat. New year sale ... reduced to only $45!

Australia Day 2017

12 February 2017 / Story by Brendan Barr, Photos by Brendan Barr & Bryan Shedden

Who not only dressed up themselves, but also their car for our Australia Day get together?

A gaggle of MX-5 supersprinters at Sydney Motorsport Park - photo by Scott Walker

20th Anniversary of Club Motorsport

09 February 2017

On 20 January 1997, the MX-5 Club of NSW held it's first track day at Wakefield Park. We will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our Club Motorsport on the weekend of the 19-20 August in Goulburn and at the Wakefield Park race track. Save the date!

WA NotMeet brochure

A Wander in the West and a Taste of the Margaret River

30 January 2017 / Words and photos: Ken Keeling

Ever wondered what a holiday in Western Australia has to offer to East Coast MX-5ers? Read this story by Ken and start packing ...

Canberra Chapter logo

Canberra Chapter 2017 Events Calendar - Updated

30 January 2017

The Canberra Chapter Run Calendar has been updated - get your new fridge version here! Don't forget to check the website or Norm's Monthly Missive for latest details, though!

NotMeet 2015 - group photo by Peter Hilkmann

NotMeet X is Open

28 January 2017

NotMeet 2017 is OPEN!!!! Join us for the biennial meet-up of NSW and QLD club members.

Canberra Chapter logo

Canberra Chapter 2017 Events Calendar

02 January 2017

The Canberra Chapter 2017 Events Calendar is available for download and posting on your fridge. Please remember, it is current at 2 January 2017, so don't rely on it unless you have checked Norm's Monthly Missive and/or the website!

Canberra Chapter Presentation & Christmas Lunch 2016

31 December 2016 / Story: Norm Barker, Pictures: Peter Le

Would you like to know who won the trophies for Member of the Year and New Member of the Year, and the Russell Battisson Memorial Trophy for the Canberra Chapter Motorsport Member of Year, at the 2016 Annual Canberra Chapter Presentation and Christmas Lunch? Or who won the equally coveted lucky door prizes? Read on for a full report ...

Rate the Plate

Rate the Plate

13 December 2016 / Story by Mel Keller; Photos by Rob Wilkins, Helen Green, Grant Webber, Paige Wilson, Alexandra Breitsameter

When our young drivers appear in the media, it is too often the result of tragedy. The headlines are full of hooning, drink driving, texting P-platers who are a danger to themselves and others. With no good news stories to provide some balance, it is a far too easy to form a negative impression of all young drivers. Club Torque caught up with two of our young MX-5 drivers to discuss the issues and challenges they face. In doing so, we found the good news story. They are capable, thoughtful and dedicated to developing their skills. Like the majority of young drivers, they are just trying to get from A to B. They are successfully undertaking a complex task in an ever changing environment. They are exactly like you and me. Only younger.

NatMeet 2018

NatMeet XIII SA 2018

01 December 2016 / Words by Hans Oldenhove, Chairman NATMEET XIII

Read on for a letter from Hans Oldenhove outlining the current position of registrations and numbers available for NatMeet in 2018.

A Sublime Lunch Run

30 November 2016 / Story and Photos: Roz Barker

The Canberra Chapter enjoyed a sublime weekend down the coast, driving through some lovely countryside and quaint villages. But what is the reason Canberra Chapter will revisit this area?

Club Logo

Membership Portal Issue Resolved

23 November 2016 / Bryan Shedden

Have you been having trouble renewing your membership this month? You're not alone! All links have now been fixed and the security certificate issue is resolved.

Marques in the Park 2016 - photo by Norm Barker

Canberra Marques in the Park

22 November 2016 / Story and photos by Norm Barker

Twelve MX-5s attract potential new members at Canberra's Marques in the Park. Whose car stood out?

Life Members - Pam and Ray Estreich. Awarded at the 2016 AGM on 21 October 2016.

New Life Members - Pam & Ray Estreich

28 October 2016 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photo by Mel Keller

Congratulations to our newest Life Members - Pam and Ray Estreich.

Life Members - Pam and Ray Estreich. Awarded at the 2016 AGM on 21 October 2016.

Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation

28 October 2016 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Mel Keller

The AGM of the MX-5 Club of NSW was held on Friday 21 October 2016 at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. Read on for all the reports, new Committee members, and awards recipients. There was a BIG SURPRISE in store with the awarding a two Life Memberships!

Run to the Roses

24 October 2016 / Words and pictures by Malcolm Bernhardt

Malcolm books a pub for lunch. What happens next will surprise you ...

Majestic Mountain Meander

24 October 2016 / Words: Bricet Klören and Bob Judd; Photos: Bricet Klören, Bob Judd, Norm Barker, Kerry Evans

The wild and woolly weather up and down the East Coast threatened to put a damper on the marvellous three day meander planned in the majestic Blue Mountains. Read on for how wet did it get ...

Signing the One Millionth MX-5 in Philadelphia USA

MX-5 Fan Fest

04 October 2016 / Mazda Australia

Mazda Australia are hosting an MX-5 Fan Fest on 21 January 2017 at Sandown Raceway in Victoria. The one-millionth MX-5 is doing a tour of the world and it will be in Melbourne in January for this event. You will have the chance to sign the car and be part of history! Register your Expression of Interest now!

Central Coast Mazda

Central Coast Mazda becomes new Major Sponsor

04 October 2016 / Glenn Thomas

We are pleased to announce that Central Coast Mazda has joined us as a new Major Sponsor of the MX-5 Club of NSW. The sponsorship funds received from Central Coast Mazda will be put towards the production for our Club Torque magazine.

President's Picnic 2016 - photo by Rob Wilkins

President's Picnic 2016

28 September 2016 / Words by Michael Soulos, Photos by Mel Keller, Rob Wilkins, Grant Webber, Helen Green

Another successful President's Picnic was held at Ebenezer Church on Saturday 24th September 2016. About 120 MX-5s lined up on the grass and they all looked stunning on a warm spring day with clear blue skies overhead. We fed lunch to over 200 people and the opportunity was taken to present CareFlight with over $4000 in donations. What a day!

Signing the One Millionth MX-5 in Philadelphia USA

MX-5 Fan Fest in Melbourne

20 September 2016 / Mazda Australia

Mazda Australia are hosting an MX-5 Fan Fest on 21 January 2017 at Sandown Raceway in Victoria. The one-millionth MX-5 is doing a tour of the world and it will be in Melbourne in January for this event. You will have the chance to sign the car and be part of history!

WA NotMeet brochure

Go West - NotMeet

28 August 2016 / MX-5 Club of Western Australia

NatMeet in WA is not a viable option, but why not join a less formal "NotMeet"? The MX-5 Club of WA has developed a brochure that outlines five modules that take you through most of the south west of the WA. The West is waiting for you!

Taralga Pub Run

31 July 2016 / Kerry Evans

On awakening on the morning of our Taralga Run and hearing steady rain on our roof and hearing all the dire warnings from the weather bureau, I was wondering if our group should be travelling in amphibious army DUKWs rather than our trusty little MX-5s.

Forever Young Run

31 July 2016 / Norm Barker; Photos: Roz Barker

Sixteen MX-5s gathered at the Hall rest area on the northern border of the ACT. The day was sunny but cold, having snowed during the week. After the drivers’ briefing, the convoy set off on the Barton Highway towards Yass and then to Boorowa for coffee.

Canberra Chapter’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

31 July 2016 / Words: Iris & Tony McDonald; Photos: Peter Le & Iris McDonald

66 participants gathered at the lovely setting of the Stone Room at Grazing at Gundaroo to mark the Chapter’s milestone, including our official guests – among them Louis Serret, our Chapter’s founding convenor – as well as members of Illawarra, Sydney and RPM Chapters, and of course, Canberra Chapter.

Matchbox MX-5 ND - photo by Lamley Group

Good things come in (very) small packages

24 June 2016 / Bryan Shedden

Do you like your cars small? Like, really small? Then here's something for you. Matchbox and Hot Wheels have released stunning models of the MX-5 ND.

Repco VIP Club

Welcome to the Repco VIP Club

17 June 2016 / Glenn Thomas

We are pleased to announce that members of the MX-5 Club of NSW are now eligible to join the Repco VIP Club Card and benefit from discounts of up to 30% off full retail.

Canberra Chapter logo

Canberra movie evening

04 June 2016 / Chapter Social Committee

Sixteen people attended the Chapter Social Committee outing on Sunday, 29th May to see 'The Hunt for the Wilderpeople'.

A Meandering Loop through the Sapphire Coast Hinterland

04 June 2016 / Ken Keeling

Notwithstanding a forecast for a cold morning with and showers to follow, 12 Canberra cars plus one from Bathurst (RPM) departed Queanbeyan in cool but reasonable weather for Braidwood and a coffee fix.

MX-5s assembled at Southern Highland Wines for the annual charity lunch on 17 May 2016

Charity Lunch for CareFlight

24 May 2016 / Words: Jan Gibson Photos: Bryan Shedden

Our annual charity event was a huge success! Set in the beautiful Southern Highlands, our luncheon attracted a huge crowd of MX-5ers and successful fundraising for CareFlight.

Bryan Shedden and Helen Green demonstrating the Club 25th Anniversary regalia - photo by Mel Keller

Last chance to get some Club 25th Anniversary regalia

13 May 2016 / Alan & Claudine Townsley

We have a handful of regalia stock left from our Club 25th Anniversary Celebration - only 10 polos (various sizes) and 8 caps. Now is your chance to pick up some Club 25th Anniversary regalia with immediate delivery.

Convenors' Mystery Run and BBQ

23 April 2016 / Words: Tony & Iris McDonald; Photos: Rick Andrews & Peter Le

28 starters for the Mystery Run and BBQ met at 9.30 a.m. at Blamey Square, Russell, on a cloudy morning with rain a distinct possibility – and for the first time in a long while, the MX-5s had to share the parking with the Corvette Club which had also decided to use the site as their start point for a club run.

Stadium Seat

Check our hot new item: the Stadium Seat

15 April 2016 / Alan & Claudine Townsley

Our brand new regalia item is hot off the press! Meet the MX-5 Club of NSW Stadium Seat / Carry Bag. Get it quick while stocks last!

Ladies motorsport development Program

NSWRRC Ladies Development Program

12 April 2016 / Words by Steph Katz

Steph Katz jumped at the chance to have a go at the Lady’s Motorsport Development Program run by NSWRRC and sponsored by CAMS. Read on for her story of how it went.

Aerial photograph of Southern Highland Wines

Is there a woman in your life who deserves pampering?

08 April 2016 / Words by Julie Farquhar

Do you need to assure your "Better Half" that she is just that ... The Better Half? Then why not surprise her with a semi-romantic assignation at a bijou winery in the Southern Highlands. AND support a great cause at the same time - CareFlight. Not only will you be creating harmony and scoring bonus points but also making a feel-good-moment.

The Snowy Mountains Loop - Another Good Weekend Away

02 April 2016 / Ken Keeling

To foster inter-Chapter fraternization, our original plans were changed to coincide with Illawarra’s “Anti-Freeze Weekend” in Jindabyne. The weather co-operated and 10 cars departed from our Hall rendezvous on time for Jugiong.


Mazda MX-5 Retractable Fastback unveiled

23 March 2016 / Mazda

Mazda MX-5 RF is coming. This Retractable Fastback brings a stunning new level of design and excitement with an innovative hardtop.

Nature and Telescopes Run

14 March 2016 / Barry Matson

Canberra is famed for its many short-sighted politicians, but how many Australians know that it also has international recognition for its far-sighted scientists.

NatMeet Theme Night - photo by Tom Wilde

Team NSW does NatMeet

13 March 2016 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Peter Hilkmann, Tom Wilde, Josh Fitzgerald & Grant Webber

NatMeet XII at Launceston, Tasmania on 13-18 February 2016 attracted a record participation of 184 people and 106 MX-5s. Read on for the story of how 63 of our Club members ticked a few boxes on their bucket list.

NatMeet bus ride to Team NSW dinner - photo by Bryan Shedden

NatMeet - Team NSW Dinner

13 March 2016 / Words by Maree & Steve Ecclestone, Photos by Bryan Shedden & Helen Green

After two days of wonderful MX-5 drives around the Launceston countryside, NatMeet lunches and dinners, it was time for the NSW members to have their own function and see the city lights of Launceston.

NatMeet - Gowrie Park run - photo by Grant Webber

NatMeet - Targa Roads Touring

13 March 2016 / Words by Peter Hilkmann, Photos by Peter Hilkmann, Josh Fitzgerald, Grant Webber & Tom Wilde

The theme for NatMeet XII was "It’s all about the Car", and for us MX-5ers ... Tasmania is all about the "Targa Tasmania Roads". And let me tell you right from the word GO ... we were not disappointed with plenty of Targa Roads to explore, before, during and after NatMeet.

NatMeet Concours at Josef Chromy Winery - photo by Peter Hilkmann

NatMeet - Concours at Josef Chromy Winery

13 March 2016 / Words by Craig Morrison, Photos by Peter Hilkmann, Grant Webber, Josh Fitzgerald & Tom Wilde.

Under threatening skies, the first day of NatMeet XII kicked off with a brisk top-down drive from Launceston Country Club through lively, twisting roads to the picturesque grounds of the Josef Chromy Winery - our venue for Concours d'Elegance, Show & Shine and a superb lunch.

On the marshalling grid at Baskerville - photo by Josh Fitzgerald

NatMeet - Baskerville track day

13 March 2016 / Words by Phil Donnelley, Photos by Grant Webber & Josh Fitzgerald

The 2016 NatMeet in Launceston was a very special week of activities for everyone. However, at the top of my list was the track day at Baskerville, just north of Hobart. It is pure MX-5 heaven! Valentines Day was a perfect date to fall in love with this place after the straight-line blast at Symmons Plains the day before.

NatMeet Track Day at Symmons Plains

NatMeet - Symmons Plains track day

13 March 2016 / Words by Peter Barnwell, Photos by Grant Webber & Josh Fitzgerald

Symmons Plains Raceway in Tasmania was the venue for the NatMeet track day on Saturday 13 February. Our club was strongly represented on the day, making up half of the entire field of drivers!

Date change for Tech Day at Spinning Wheel

08 March 2016 / Michael Soulos

The wheel alignment day has been moved to Saturday 2 April 2016. Places are still available for a discounted wheel alignment.

Wear A Silly Hat to Brunch Run

16 February 2016 / BreakFast Club

Change of lunch venue to Nerriga Pub on Sunday 28 February for the "Wear A Silly Hat to Brunch Run".

Five Hills Run

02 February 2016 / Leaders Norm and Roz Barker, Photos Roz Barker

This was the first run for 2016, our annual Five Hills Run, on an overcast but warm day. Good conditions for the tops down on a cruise around Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin, going up and down five of the hills.

2015 CareFlight donation - presentation by Glenn Thomas (Vice President) to John Legge (CareFlight Air Crewman) on 11 December 2015

CareFlight Donation Presentation

27 January 2016 / Words by Glenn Thomas, Photos by Bryan Shedden

A donation cheque of $2715 was presented recently to CareFlight by Glenn Thomas (Vice President) and Bryan Shedden (President), on behalf of the MX-5 Club of NSW. Thank you to all members and sponsors who contributed to the various charity fundraising activities held throughout 2015, and made this generous donation possible.

Mazda MX-5 ND is 2016 Wheels COTY

Mazda MX-5 is the 2016 Wheels Car of the Year

22 January 2016 / Wheels magazine

On Wednesday night at a gala ceremony in Melbourne, and followed enthusiastically via social media, the Mazda MX-5 ND was declared as the 2016 Wheels Car of the Year. It is the third win for the popular sports car, with previous generations having won the prestigious award in 1989 and 2005.

Logo 25th Anniversary

2015 - A Year of Membership Records

15 January 2016 / Bryan Shedden

Our 25th Anniversary year broke all records for Club membership. A couple of graphs tell the story.

Bryan Shedden being presented with Honorary Life Membership by Vice President Glenn Thomas on 27 September 2015 at the Club 25th Anniversary celebration

New Life Member - Bryan Shedden

12 January 2016 / Words by Glenn Thomas & Mel Keller, Photo by Mel Keller

To spring a surprise on our famously well-organised President is no mean feat and so the presentation of Bryan’s Honorary Life Membership at the Club’s 25th Anniversary celebration was planned in the deepest secrecy.

ND Day 2.0 at Sutherland Mazda - photo by Mel Keller

ND Day 2.0

29 December 2015 / Story by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Mel Keller

The latest arrival of the 2.0L version provided another opportunity for a launch event for MX-5 Club members and visitors. Sutherland Mazda hosted the event in their brand new showroom at Kirrawee. And I hear that at least a couple NDs were sold on the day!

Bob Judd is 2015 Member of the Year Runner-Up - presented by Tony & Iris McDonald at the Canberra Chapter Christmas Function on 13 December 2015.

Canberra Annual Presentation and Christmas Lunch

29 December 2015 / Tony & Iris McDonald

On Sunday 13th December, 44 members and three guests attended the Chapter’s Annual Presentation and Christmas Lunch function at Grazing at Gundaroo.

2015 Member of the Year - Phil Reid from Illawarra Chapter

2015 Member Of The Year

11 December 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Bryan Shedden

The winners of our annual Member of the Year awards were presented last weekend, and the runners-up will be presented this weekend. And the winners are ...

NatMeet XII ladies polo

Get your Team NSW NatMeet regalia

04 December 2015 / Bryan Shedden

In the fine tradition of our Club’s strong attendance at NatMeet, our Regalia team has designed a special range of "Team NSW" clothing for NatMeet XII in Tasmania.

Soft Tops Online NA cloth top

Soft Tops Online Christmas Special

03 December 2015 / Soft Tops Online

Our Major Sponsor, Soft Tops Online, have wished us all a happy and safe Christmas. They have a small Christmas special on offer that members might be interested in.

Fish And Chips Run – Steampacket Hotel – Nelligen

27 November 2015 / Malcolm Bernhardt

The SteamPacket is your atypical country pub, but their fish and chips lunches had been recommended, and they have an excellent outdoor beer garden.

The Great Gippsland Gallivant

27 November 2015 / Bob Judd and Bricet Klören

On Saturday, 24 October, our gallant band of Gallivanters departed from Hume for nine day, eight night, 2,200 km trip around the Gippsland region of Victoria.

Canberra Chapter logo

Canberra Chapter Movie and Dinner Outing

27 November 2015 / Bricet Klören

On Friday, 20 November the MX5 Club of NSW - Canberra Chapter Social Committee organised another dinner and movie outing for members and friends.

Lunch in the Hills of Hall

12 November 2015 / Story: Ken Keeling; Photos: Tony McDonald & Ken Keeling

This year our “Gourmet Gallop in Spring” moved to The Hills of Hall with the Vineyard Café at Brindabella Hills Winery the venue.

Marques in the Park

12 November 2015 / Words & Photos: Tony McDonald

Once again, the annual Marques in the Park (MITP) event was held in glorious Canberra early summer weather, with just a few clouds around later in the day to help keep the temperature down.

Help required at next MX-5 Club track day

08 November 2015 / David Lawler

Please help your fellow club members by assisting at the next track day or motorkhana

MX5 Goes to the Movies

01 November 2015 / Jennifer Le

On Friday evening, the 9th of October 2015, a small group of MX5/ movie enthusiasts met at the Tuggeranong Limelight Cinema to view Matt Damon's most recent blockbuster... “The Martian”.

MX5 Ten Pin Bowling Afternoon

01 November 2015 / Words and photos: Jennifer Le

A small but essentially competitive group of socially minded MX5 enthusiasts met at the Tuggeranong Ten Pin Bowling alley.

2015 President's Award - Keith Monaghan (photo by Mel Keller)

Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation

30 October 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Mel Keller

The AGM of the MX-5 Club of NSW was held on Wednesday 21 October 2015 at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. Read on for all the reports, new Committee members, and awards recipients.

Club Presidents, past and present, cut the cake for our Club's 25th Anniversary

MX-5 Club 25th Anniversary Celebration

21 October 2015 / Words & Photos by Mel Keller, Photos by Grant Webber & Jay Flak

In these days of disposable everything, it is rare that something can last for 25 years. Not only has the MX-5 Club of NSW survived for quarter of a century, it has thrived. So how best to mark this unique achievement?

EuroNCAP crash test of the ND MX-5

ND gets crash tested

08 October 2015 / EuroNCAP

The new ND MX-5 has achieved a four star rating in the latest round of EuroNCAP testing published on 7 October. Watch the crash test video if you have a strong stomach!

Gary Nobrega's NA6 at 2015 MX-5 Show - photo by Jacob Flak

25th Anniversary MX-5 Show Results

28 September 2015 / Words by Michael Soulos, Photos by Jacob Flak

A mammoth total of 147 MX-5s parked in the grounds of Ottimo House on Sunday 27 September 2015 for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Not all of them entered the competition for the MX-5 Show but many did. Twelve trophies and eighteen Certificates of Merit were awarded to our members. A list of the results is now available.

Jinba Ittai Go Kart Challenge

25 September 2015 / Words by Kerri Langworthy-Ward, Photos by Mel Keller & Bryan Shedden

Another epic day for the inter-chapter go kart challenge. Five chapters were represented on the day. Which chapter would challenge Sydney for the title?

Nulon Tech Night 2015

Nulon Tech Night

17 September 2015 / Words & Photos by Keith Monaghan

50 of our members attended another great Nulon Tech Night on 16 July 2015. This being our second tech night with Nulon, this time they took us through gearbox and diff oils and their effect on the various MX-5 models.

A Riverina Ramble

13 September 2015 / Ken Keeling

Some considerable time ago I made a passing comment that the wines of the Riverina, particularly the irrigated vines of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), had quite a bit of history behind them. This gave rise to a weekend run being scheduled for August 2015.

Christmas in July Lunch 2015

03 August 2015 / Dennis Wicklander

It was the making of a white Christmas. Plenty of freezing temperatures, blizzard winds and teaming rain was the order of the day.

Red, White & Blue Run 2015

Red, White & Blue Run

06 July 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Keith Monaghan and Bryan Shedden

The Red, White & Blue Run recreated the first ever club run from Waterfall to Kiama and back, on the 25th anniversary of that event.

Club Regalia Logo - 25th Anniversary

Announcing our new Business Directory

12 June 2015 / Glenn Thomas

Our Business Directory gives club members the opportunity to promote their business, and you will benefit from the deals & discounts they offer. Ads will also be accepted from non-members on the condition that a discount or other benefit is offered to club members. Some offers on Automotive Products are already available to club members.

Charity Run to Joadja

05 June 2015 / Brian and Anda Clayton - Illawarra; Norm and Roz Barker - Canberra; Photos Brian Clayton

CareFlight is the charity supported by the MX-5 Club of NSW in 2015. How much was raised by the 90 plus souls who braved the chilly climates of the Southern Highlands to visit Joadja Winery?

Motorkhana Practice Day - Entries Now Open

23 May 2015 / Words by Scotty Gibbs, photos by Bryan Shedden

Entries are now open for the first Motorkhana Practice Day of 2015 on 28th June 2015 at the Sydney Motorsport Park skidpan.

Mazda MX-5 ND media photo

Tell 'em the price, son

19 May 2015 / Mazda Australia

Mazda Australia have today released the pricing for the entry level ND MX-5 Roadster with 1.5L manual. Are you sitting down?

Ladies Day at the track - Sunday 31st May

18 April 2015 / Written by Gaynor Lawler, photos by Mel Keller

Gaynor is organising some ladies-only groups at the next club track day. So ladies, here is your chance to debut on the race track.

Shannons Wheels Expo 2015

06 April 2015 / Tony & Iris McDonald

The Wheels Exhibition has been running in Canberra for 33 years, and has become one of the most prestigious automotive display events on the city’s events calendar.

Top Gear Festival Sydney 2015

Top Gear Festival Cancelled

02 April 2015 / Bryan Shedden

As a consequence of Jeremy Clarkson being sacked by the BBC, this event has been cancelled and replaced with an alternate indoor event. As a result, the car club display has been cancelled.

Wanted - People to brainstorm ideas for our motorkhana events this year

10 March 2015 / David Lawler

I am after a few people to help brainstorm some ideas to make our 2 motorkhanas this year even better than last year

Mazda MX-5 ND media photo

Meet the new generation Mazda MX-5

06 March 2015 / Mazda

At last, it's here! The fourth generation Mazda MX-5 has been revealed for all to see. Updated 6 March 2015 with specification details from the Geneva Motor Show. Australian sales commence in late 2015.

Marulan Driver Training Day 17th May 2015 - Entry form available

25 February 2015 / David Lawler

Entries have opened for the next Driver Training Day at the Marulan Driver Training Centre on Sunday 17th May 2015.

Peter Battisson - our new Technical Coordinator - at the 2013 President's Picnic

Announcing our Technical Coordinator

20 February 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden

I'm very pleased to announce that our Club now has a Technical Coordinator who will be responsible for a regular series of technical articles to feature in the Club Zone of our website and in Club Torque magazine.

NatMeet 2016

NatMeet 2016 - Registration is now open

15 February 2015 / Don Nicoll

It’s happening – a once-in-a-lifetime national MX-5 gathering in Tasmania! It’s what you have been waiting for! It’ll be a big trip, but worth every cent and every second invested!

2014 MOTY

2014 Member Of The Year

23 January 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Mel Keller, Peter Hilkmann

The last of the recipients of our annual Member of the Year awards were presented last Sunday, so now is a good time to spread the news ...

Canberra Chapter's Christmas Lunch

08 January 2015 / Story by Tony and Iris McDonald, Photos by Damon Muller

Canberra Chapter’s major function for the year was held at Grazing at Gundaroo, a delightful restaurant some 50km north-east of Canberra.

Driver Training Day at Marulan on 13 March 2011
Photo by Tony King

Marulan Driver Training Day 1-Feb-2015 entry form available

11 December 2014

Entries have opened for the next Driver Training Day at the Marulan Driver Training Centre on Sunday 1st February 2015.

Joadja Christmas 2014

Joadja Christmas Run

09 December 2014 / Words by Hella Underwood, Photos by Mel Keller

All six chapters of the MX-5 Club of NSW gathered at Joadja Winery for a Christmas get together over a lunch of woodfired pizza and local wine. What a fabulous day!

RPM Cheer Squad

Jinba Ittai Go Kart Challenge 2014

21 November 2014 / Story by Graham Fletcher Photos by Mel Keller & Guy Coles

Founded by the Illawarra Chapter’s Peter Feutrill in 2013, the Jinba Ittai Go Kart Challenge is now a hotly contested annual event.

The new tenure badges for 5 year, 10 year, 15 year and 20 year members were unveiled at our 2013 AGM. Sponsored by ACDC.

Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation

31 October 2014 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rod Carter

The AGM of the MX-5 Club of NSW was held on Wednesday 22 October 2014 at Garage Cafe, Sydney Motorsport Park. Read on for all the reports, new Committee members, and awards recipients.

President's Picnic 2014

President's Picnic results

19 September 2014 / Michael Soulos

The Club held its annual President’s Picnic at Lane Cove National Park on Sunday 14 September with 147 people registering and more turning up on the day. Results for the Concours d'Elegance and Bits & Bling are posted here.

"Fourbears" Run to Parkes and Forbes

15 September 2014 / Iris & Tony McDonald

On a beautiful sunny morning a group of 17 enthusiastic starters in 9 cars headed off in convoy up the Barton Highway past Yass, before branching onto Lachlan Valley Way north to Boorowa. The destination: a weekend trip to Parkes and Forbes.

ND MX-5 by Ben Sale

Impressions from the ground

05 September 2014 / Words & Photos by Ben Sale

The new ND MX-5 is a car that you really have to see in person to fully appreciate. Ben Sale shares his first impressions from Monterey.

The next generation Mazda MX-5 will be unveiled on 4th September

Meet our man at the ND MX-5 unveiling

02 September 2014 / Words: Ben Sale

The global reveal of the new generation MX-5 is happening this Thursday from 11am with simultaneous events in Japan, USA and Spain. Ben Sale has been sent by Mazda to cover the event in California on behalf of the MX-5 Clubs of Australia. Read on for his first message from the Melbourne departure lounge.

MX-5 25th Anniversary brunch at Tatlers Wines - photo by Peter Hilkmann

Celebrating the MX-5 25th Anniversary

28 August 2014 / Words: Bryan Shedden, Photos: Peter Hilkmann, Video: Adam Walker

Our Club's celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Mazda MX-5 was an elaborate affair with a wide variety of options to get involved one way or another. The climax was at Tatlers Wines in Lovedale where 120 people in 70 MX-5s gathered for brunch.

The next generation Mazda MX-5 will be unveiled on 4th September

Stop the Presses

25 August 2014 / Melissa Keller & Rod Carter

Here at Club Torque, we have our ears to the ground as Mazda release the latest details on the new generation MX-5 ND on 4th September. Look out for the Winter Edition of Club Torque, in print from 8th September.

Marulan Driver Training Day #2 entry form available

21 August 2014

Entries have opened for Driver Training Day #2 at the Marulan Driver Training Centre on Sunday 26th October 2014.

Christmas in July at Fountaindale

05 August 2014 / Kerry Evans

On a very crisp Canberra Sunday morning on the 27th of July, an intrepid band of 8 MX5ers met at 8am at McDonalds at Epic on Northbourne Avenue for our usual get together before setting off with tops down at 8:30 for Fountaindale at Robertson.

Club Lunch at the Bowning Hotel

23 June 2014 / Malcolm Bernhardt

So it was 29 hardy souls who rocked up at Hall layby on Sunday morning. This was the start of a 150k round run to Bowning via Yass and Binalong but the weather was cold and the roads were wet and slippery.

Pump Assembly

How to: Change an NC's Fuel Pump

20 June 2014 / Guy Coles

Quick How to change a Fuel Pump or Fuel Filter in an NC

The Sun Run to Noosa Mk II

01 June 2014 / Words and photos: Ken Keeling

Following an apparently successful Sun Run to Noosa last year, we planned a similar holiday run of four days via the roads less travelled for this autumn and timed to be a “positioning run” for Natmeet at Caloundra.

The Gundaroo Gourmet Gallop

28 May 2014 / Words and photo: Ken Keeling

The Canberra Chapter’s Gourmet Gallop Mk II to Gundaroo was held on Sunday 27 April, with 10 cars and 20 gourmands lined up at our Blamey Square rendezvous at Russell.

Shannons Wheels

28 May 2014 / Words by: Bob Judd. Photos: Bob Judd and Roger Amos

Each year, the ACT Council of ACT Motor Clubs arranges a show and shine day for its member clubs to raise money for a local charity.

Convenor’s Run and BBQ

28 May 2014 / Words by Bob Judd; Photos by Tony McDonald

Once a year, you, our honoured Chapter members, surrender to us, your honoured Convenors, an entire hard earned day of leisure.

Jean Knows Cars video interviews of Bob Hall, Tom Matano and Derek Jenkins in April 2014 for the 25th anniversary of the Mazda MX-5

Meet the Mazda MX-5's Proud Parents

20 May 2014 / Jean Knows Cars

Video interviews with the fathers of the Mazda MX-5, Bob Hall, Tom Matano and Derek Jenkins. Filmed at the New York Auto Show, April 2014.

Most of our NatMeet XI attendees assembled for a group photo

We are the Champions ... of NatMeet!

06 May 2014 / Words & Photos: Bryan Shedden, Photos: Phil Mayo, Trackphotos

For those who came in late, NatMeet is the biannual national meeting of the MX-5 Clubs of Australia. The 2014 event was hosted by the MX-5 Club of Queensland at the Sunshine Coast. It was the 11th NatMeet and marked the 25th Anniversary of the Mazda MX-5. And we came home with the National Championship for our Club!

NatMeet XI Lakeside group photo

NatMeet Track Day at Lakeside Park

06 May 2014 / Words: Phil Ashton, Greg Bunn Photos: Trackphotos

The drivers for the NatMeet Track Day awoke early on Monday morning to be greeted with heavy skies, drizzly rain and a BOM radar image that didn't look good. Not the best conditions for racing around Lakeside Park that's developed a name as one of the most dangerous tracks in Australia.

Trackin Right

06 May 2014 / Story by Peter Barnwell, photos by Tom Barnwell

New club member Peter Barnwell relates his journey from buying an MX-5 through to his first club track day.

MDTC Driver Training Day entry form available

04 May 2014

Entries have opened for the Driver Training Day at the Marulan Driver Training Centre on Sunday 13th July 2014.

Next-generation Mazda MX-5 SKYACTIV-CHASSIS

Next-Generation MX-5

21 April 2014 / Mazda

The New York International Auto Show 2014 is the world premiere of the next-generation Mazda MX-5’s bare chassis.

Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Edition

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Edition

21 April 2014 / Mazda

Created without compromise and dedicated to Mazda MX-5 fans worldwide.

Club Motorkhana Practice Day - 16th March 2014

26 March 2014 / Story - Peter Rodgers, Photos - Bryan Shedden

A first-timers impressions of the recent motorkhana practice day at the Sydney Motor Sport Park skid pan

2013 Presentation and Christmas Lunch

22 March 2014 / Words by Bob Judd, photos by Tony McDonald and Fiona Sheddon

43 members and 5 guests attended the Canberra Chapter’s annual Presentation and Christmas Lunch in mid-December at Grazing Restaurant, Gundaroo. On a brilliant Canberra summer’s day, in what is fast becoming a club tradition, long-time member Paul Beerworth (dare I call him ‘Club Stalwart’?) led a convoy of members over the 50 km or so to Gundaroo in time for the festivities.

Out of Africa Run

22 March 2014 / Lia Battisson

en cars met at our favourite gathering place in Russell for an 8am start to our trip which vaguely followed the outline of the map of Africa, hence the name,’ Out of Africa Run’.

CAMS NSW Awards Night

08 March 2014 / Story by Jean Cook, pictures provided by CAMS

The CAMS NSW Award Night and which the MX-5 club received a 20 year award. and Mike Hicks received a service award

Bathurst 12Hr Video

17 February 2014 / Adam Walker

Reggie's been at it again with the drone. Here is some footage from the Bathurst 12 Hour and the club's display

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary

Mazda Launches Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Website

14 February 2014 /

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the debut of the Mazda MX-5, the website aims to deepen the bond between Mazda and its customers all over the world and express gratitude for the support the model has received over the years.

Jay Leno interviews our Club Patron Bob Hall on the 25th anniversary of the Mazda MX-5

25 Years of Miata - Jay Leno's Garage

12 February 2014 / Jay Leno's Garage at YouTube

Bob Hall (Patron of the MX-5 Club of NSW) and Tom Matano tell Jay about the creation and evolution of Mazda's iconic sports car in celebration of its 25th year in production.

5 Hills Run 19 January 2014

04 February 2014 / Norm and Roz Barker

The year started with this run around Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin going up and down five of the hills.

MX-5 on wet skidpan at Sydney Motorsport Park - Photo by Matt Wilmot

Entries Open for Motorkhana Practice Day

31 January 2014 / David Lawler

Club Motorkhana Practice day at Sydney Motor Sport Park on 16 March, for developing skills and having fun.

The 2013 Member of the Year is Graham Fletcher and his wife Gillian Fletcher is New Member of the Year. A deserved win for RPM Chapter! Photo by Keith Monaghan.

2013 Member Of The Year

27 January 2014 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Keith Monaghan, Peter Hilkmann, Bricet Kloren & Alison Kennedy

Congratulations to Graham Fletcher and Gillian Fletcher who are the highly deserving winners of Member Of The Year and New Member Of The Year for 2013.

CAMS Service Award presentation for Mike Hicks at Rydges Hotel, Bathurst on 30 November 2013. Photo by David Lawler.

CAMS Service Award for Mike Hicks

22 December 2013 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by David Lawler

Our Club was presented with a 20 Year Milestone Recognition Award at the 2013 CAMS Motorsport Awards at Rydges Hotel, Bathurst. Mike Hicks was in for an even bigger surprise when he was awarded a highly prestigious CAMS Service Award.

Paul Beerworth was presented with Life Membership by President Bryan Shedden at the Canberra Chapter Christmas Party on 15 December 2013

New Life Member - Paul Beerworth

16 December 2013 / Words by Bryan Shedden & Bob Judd, Photo by Fiona Shedden

Meet our new Life Member of the MX-5 Club of NSW. Paul's award was announced by President Bryan Shedden at the Canberra Chapter Christmas Party on 15 December.

JD Power CSI Survey 2013

Mazda tops customer satisfaction survey

06 December 2013 / Terry Martin at

Latest Aussie Customer Service Index study sees Mazda back on top as most major brands take a hit

Oaks Oasis Resort, Caloundra, a 4 star hotel and apartment complex, spread across 10 acres of landscaped palm gardens.

NatMeet 2014 Update

06 December 2013 / John Tait

NatMeet 2014 track day entries are now open. Read on for further news about Concours d'Elegance and funkhana.

South Coast Cruise and Whale Spotting

27 November 2013 / Norm and Roz Barker

Norm & Roz report on another successful weekend away with a spot of whale watching along the Eurobodalla and Bega Valley the coast. Some lovely MX-5 driving roads were sampled, and the company was great as usual, although the whales proved to be elusive! Project MX-5, cover image of issue 6

Mighty Car Mods - Project MX-5

22 November 2013 /

Watch the boys from Mighty Car Mods buy a rusty old MX-5 and then modify it with turbo, alarm, rollbar, and bracing.

Oaks Oasis Resort, Caloundra, a 4 star hotel and apartment complex, spread across 10 acres of landscaped palm gardens.

NatMeet 2014 Update

08 November 2013 / John Tait

Registration for NatMeet 2014 has now closed as the catering limit has been reached. Read on for news about the track day, funkhana and sponsorship opportunities.

Canberra Zoofari Report

06 November 2013 / Ken Keeling

Ken Keeling has provided a report from the Canberra Chapter Zoofari Trip.

The new tenure badges for 5 year, 10 year, 15 year and 20 year members were unveiled at our 2013 AGM. Sponsored by ACDC.

More Tenure Badges Presented

06 November 2013 / Bryan Shedden

Our Club Track Day at Wakefield Park on Sunday gave us another opportunity to present some more tenure badges to our longstanding members. The group photos are here ...

The new tenure badges for 5 year, 10 year, 15 year and 20 year members were unveiled at our 2013 AGM. Sponsored by ACDC.

Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation

31 October 2013 / Report by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Fiona Shedden

The AGM of the MX-5 Club of NSW was held on Wednesday 23 October 2013 at Garage Cafe, Sydney Motorsport Park. Read on for all the reports, new Committee members, and awards recipients.

Oaks Oasis Resort, Caloundra, a 4 star hotel and apartment complex, spread across 10 acres of landscaped palm gardens.

NatMeet 2014 Update

08 October 2013 / John Tait

There are just over 6 months to go now and we’ll soon be counting down in sleeps. The event has almost reached capacity, so book now or you will miss out.

Canberra Chapter run to Tulip Tops Garden

03 October 2013 / Words and Photos: Lia Battisson

Lia led the Canberra Chapter on a pleasant drive to Tulip Tops Gardens for a relaxed tip-toe through the tulips.

MX-5 ND test mule caught by in September 2013

Finally! Next gen MX-5 test mule is sighted

20 September 2013 /

It's been an agonising wait since the NC3 was launched at the Australian International Motor Show in October 2012, but photos have emerged overnight of a test mule for the next generation MX-5 being road tested in the USA.

2013 Canberra Annual Meeting

17 September 2013

The 2013 Canberra Chapter Annual Meeting was held on 28 August 2013. Click through to download the Convenor's Report and Motorsport Report.

Keith looking carefully

Concours d'Elegance 2013 Results

17 September 2013 / Words by Guy Coles

The final results of the 2013 Concours d'Elegance are now available.

President's Picnic & Events

16 September 2013 / Words by Michael Soulos

A great day to view some awesome MX-5s, make new aquaintances, renew friendships and hang out with your mates with a free lunch thrown in to boot.

Cars on display for Concours & Bits 'n' Bling at the 2013 President's Picnic

President's Picnic - A Newbie Perspective

16 September 2013 / Words by Trevor To

Trevor To joined the MX-5 Club of NSW only a few months ago and has just enjoyed his first President's Picnic ... as an apprentice Concours judge! Read about his experiences here.

Magical Mystery Tour II

01 September 2013 / Words & photos by David Lawler

The Magical Mystery Tour II from Parklea to Leura, followed by dinner and a very interactive Fawlty Towers show.

Tech Night at Nulon Oils in Moorebank on 28 Aug 2013

Nulon Tech Night

29 August 2013 / Words and photos by Keith Monaghan

66 members of the MX-5 Club of NSW met at Nulon's impressive plant at Moorebank for a night of education on oils. The Sydney, RPM, Illawarra and Hunter Chapters were all represented - thanks to all those who travelled a long way to support this excellent event.

The Gundaroo Gourmet Gallop – a.k.a. The Tallagandra Hill Run

27 August 2013 / Word and Photos by Ken Keeling

Well, really more of a canter actually…. A winter day outing to sample some of the gastronomic delights hiding in the near-Canberra countryside.

New website launched

13 August 2013 / Various

The feedback on the new website is rolling in and it seems that you're loving it. Here is a sample of the comments received, and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write.

Brush for cleaning drains

How to clean soft top drains on an NC

09 August 2013 / Guy Coles

Here's a link to an article I wrote some time ago on how to clean the soft top drains. It's not difficult after the first time you do it and is one of those general maintenance things that you should do on a regular basis.

Canberra Chapter Christmas in July

28 July 2013 / Iris & Tony McDonald

The Canberra Chapter held its annual Christmas in July lunch at Benedict House, Queanbeyan, on Sunday 28 July 2013. The function was attended by 32 enthusiastic chapter members and friends, some from as far afield as Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Canberra members assemble at Captains Flat on 16 June 2013

Captains Flat Brunch Interlude

16 June 2013 / Report by Ian Bottcher, Photos by Peter Le

On this crisp sunny morning 13 MX-5s (mostly topless) convened at Blamey Square, Russell Offices before firing up engines and cruising to Captains Flat, a former mining town 55 kilometres south/east from Canberra.

Both this engine and the Appleby operate virtually soundlessly. The flywheel is rotating at around 20rpm.

Goulburn Waterworks Museum

19 May 2013 / Report and photos by Ed Cory

Sunday 19th May dawned cool but sunny – a perfect day for a cruise in the countryside! Assembling at Gunghalin College carpark, we took some new roads out of Canberra heading for Gundaroo and our coffee stop at Gunning, and then on to the Goulburn Waterworks museum.

Fitting coilovers to an NB MX-5

How to fit coilovers on your MX-5

17 May 2013 / DriftworksLtd

MX-5 Coilovers are straight forward and easy to fit. Here's a step-by-step DIY video guide from DriftworksLtd, about how to remove, prepare and fit coilovers to an NB MX-5.

Richard Hammond test drives an MX-5

Richard Hammond testing an MX-5

14 May 2013 / Top Gear

Richard Hammond test drives the Mazda MX-5 in Ireland, and puts the car to the test with an unusual race against a greyhound at Shelbourne Park. Who will win? Man or dog?

Coffee and sustainance at Gold Creek Cafe

Lake George & Gundaroo Run

21 April 2013 / Malcolm Bernhardt

18 happy people started with hot coffee and good conversation at the Gold Creek Café. Then, having cleared the cobwebs out of our eyes, we jumped in the shiny carriages and headed NE towards Lake George.

Dave’s “How To” Day and Shannons Wheels

16 March 2013 / Words and photos by: Bob Judd

Each year, the ACT Council of ACT Motor Clubs arranges a show and shine day for its member clubs to raise money for a local charity. This year, the ‘Technical Aids for the Disabled, ACT’ group were the beneficiaries of the profits from the Shannons Wheels Exhibition.

Canberra Convenors’ Run and BBQ

10 February 2013 / Words by Bob Judd; Photos by Jill Wicklander and Bob Judd

So what does a paper hat, a picture of a Queen, an ice cream wrapper and a feather have in common? They were all ‘treasures’ that needed to be found on the Mystery Run that took 26 members and a guest on a 70 km run through the suburbs and surrounding countryside of Canberra on their way to an unknown BBQ site. Along the way, there were 20 questions that needed to be answered and an ‘artwork’ that needed to be completed.

Five Hills Run

20 January 2013 / Norm and Roz Barker

The first Canberra Chapter run for 2013 was well supported, with 14 cars. Starting off at 6:00 pm in front of the Defence Russell Offices, the drivers’ briefing was short from Norm, with Bricet also giving a welcome on behalf of our convenors.