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Wheels Only (For Sale) 22 June 2018

img_0069.jpg img_1440-21.jpg
$400 View

WHEELS ONLY -  I have for sale 4x 17x7 4/100 40p CSA Milan wheels gloss black in excellent condition $400 for the set off 4 cash ...

Wheels and Tyres (For Sale) 22 June 2018

img_21481.jpg img_2149.jpg img_2150.jpg
$850 View

I have for sale 4x 16x8 4/100 21p Gold XXR rims with Federal AZO1 205/45x16 tyres excellent condition traveled 1500ks .as new .

Wheels and Tyres (For Sale) 22 June 2018

rota-rims-and-tyres-21.jpg rota-rims-and-tyres-31.jpg rota-rims-and-tyres-41.jpg rota-rims-and-tyres-11.jpg rota-rims-and-tyres-51.jpg
$400 View

I have a set of 4 BLACK 16x7 ROTA 4/100 40p Slipstream wheels with good tyres for sale ....NA or NB .good condition cheap at $400 Ono cas...

MX-5 NC (For Sale) 13 June 2018

313.jpg 45.jpg 55.jpg 64.jpg 72.jpg 92.jpg 102.jpg 113.jpg 122.jpg 132.jpg
  • 2 litre
  • Manual
  • 111258 KM
$12,450 View

I'm selling my 2005 NC MX-5 with only 111258km on the clock. This much loved and well cared for car and will definitely bring the new owne...

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 9 June 2018

  • 1840
  • Manual
$15,000 View

I have a track day car for sale ($15,000) and a flat bed trailer for sale ($2,000). The car and trailer are in storage in Melbour...

MX-5 NA8 Clubman (For Sale) 7 May 2018

2018-04-28-15.37.25.jpg 2018-04-28-15.37.36.jpg 2018-04-28-15.37.51.jpg 2018-04-28-15.38.11.jpg 2018-04-28-15.38.23.jpg 2018-04-28-15.38.32.jpg 2018-04-28-15.39.04.jpg 2018-04-28-15.39.17.jpg 2018-04-28-15.39.49.jpg 2018-04-28-15.40.23.jpg 2018-04-28-15.40.19.jpg 2018-04-28-15.40.48.jpg 2018-04-28-15.40.53.jpg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 230000 KM
$8,000 View

I have owned Max since August 1995, nearly 23 years, and quite frankly I’m very disappointed that I have to sell him. I’ve grown up with ...

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 18 April 2018

img_0108.jpg img_0110.jpg img_0019.jpg img_0113.jpg img_0115.jpg
  • 1.8
  • Manual
  • 123000 KM
$8,500 View

Great condition, Low kms, Brown Davis roll bar (less than 500 kms), Yellowspeed coilovers (less than 500 kms) ...