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Canberra Chapter 2017 Events Calendar

02 January 2017

The Canberra Chapter 2017 Events Calendar is available for download and posting on your fridge. Please remember, it is current at 2 January 2017, so don't rely on it unless you have checked Norm's Monthly Missive and/or the website!

Canberra Chapter Presentation & Christmas Lunch 2016

31 December 2016 / Story: Norm Barker, Pictures: Peter Le

Would you like to know who won the trophies for Member of the Year and New Member of the Year, and the Russell Battisson Memorial Trophy for the Canberra Chapter Motorsport Member of Year, at the 2016 Annual Canberra Chapter Presentation and Christmas Lunch? Or who won the equally coveted lucky door prizes? Read on for a full report ...

Entries are now open for the next club track day

23 December 2016 / David Lawler

Entries are now open for the next MX-5 Club track day, which is at Sydney Motor Sport Park - South Circuit, on Saturday 4th February 2017.

Mystery Run and Christmas Lunch

22 December 2016 / Report and Photos by Wayne Lang

Well it's that time of the year again. Xmas is always a time to kick back and relax and spend time with family and friends, but today it was a time to share the company of our MX-5 friends.

Rate the Plate

Rate the Plate

13 December 2016 / Story by Mel Keller; Photos by Rob Wilkins, Helen Green, Grant Webber, Paige Wilson, Alexandra Breitsameter

When our young drivers appear in the media, it is too often the result of tragedy. The headlines are full of hooning, drink driving, texting P-platers who are a danger to themselves and others. With no good news stories to provide some balance, it is a far too easy to form a negative impression of all young drivers. Club Torque caught up with two of our young MX-5 drivers to discuss the issues and challenges they face. In doing so, we found the good news story. They are capable, thoughtful and dedicated to developing their skills. Like the majority of young drivers, they are just trying to get from A to B. They are successfully undertaking a complex task in an ever changing environment. They are exactly like you and me. Only younger.

Hunter Chapter Xmas Party

08 December 2016 / Story by Jonathon Davies, Photos by Grant Webber

What a great way to kick off the festive season than with an MX-5 Hunter Chapter Christmas party.

Saddleback Mountain on the Shoalhaven Explorer Run - photo by Andrew Gray

Shoalhaven Explorer Run

02 December 2016 / Words by Andrew Gray, Photos by Julie Farquhar, Adele Weatherall & Andrew Gray

The Illawarra crew enjoyed a picnic at the new landscaped BBQ area at Greenwell Point, via some well-known but twisty fast roads with superb views over Kiama and a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum along the way.

NatMeet 2018

NatMeet XIII SA 2018

01 December 2016 / Words by Hans Oldenhove, Chairman NATMEET XIII

Read on for a letter from Hans Oldenhove outlining the current position of registrations and numbers available for NatMeet in 2018.

2016 Interstate Challenge at Winton - photo by Curran Brennan

2016 Interstate Challenge at Winton Raceway

01 December 2016 / Story by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Curran Brennan, Bryan Shedden, Randy Stagno-Navarra

Winton in Victoria was the venue for an MX-5 track day organised by the NSW club, for the Interstate Challenge hosted by the Victorian club. It's complicated!

A Sublime Lunch Run

30 November 2016 / Story and Photos: Roz Barker

The Canberra Chapter enjoyed a sublime weekend down the coast, driving through some lovely countryside and quaint villages. But what is the reason Canberra Chapter will revisit this area?

Mount Seaview Resort Run

24 November 2016 / Words and pictures by Greg Cox

After early morning storms and heavy rain, our group of nine intrepid members in six MX-5s departed the Port Macquarie Service Centre for Mount Seaview.

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Membership Portal Issue Resolved

23 November 2016 / Bryan Shedden

Have you been having trouble renewing your membership this month? You're not alone! All links have now been fixed and the security certificate issue is resolved.