Supersprint round 5 2017 at SMP-south - photo by Grass Roots Photos

Supersprint Round 5

31 August 2017 / Words by Ed Cory, Photos by Grass Roots Photos

Sunday 27 August saw 20 Club members competing in Round 5 of the NSW Supersprint Championships at Sydney Motorsport Park's South Circuit. As well as some great individual performances, the MX-5 Club of NSW extended its lead to 161 points in the Club Championship.

Supersprint at Wakefield Park

28 August 2017 / Bryan Shedden

The Mini Car Club of NSW is hosting Round 6 of the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship at Wakefield Park on 9 September. Our next club track day is not until November, so if you're keen for a run before then, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Entries from non-championship competitors are very welcome.

Port Macquarie Mazda Go-Kart Challenge

28 August 2017 / Words by Wayne Lang, Photos by Cathy Lang

Mark Wilson wins the Port Macquarie Mazda Go-Kart Challenge.

A Bridge Too Far

27 August 2017 / Story/Rhyme by Dianne Henderson & Photos by David Gazzard

A Bridge Too Far was the name of the run, So Hendo and I headed to Maccas at Thornton to start the fun! 20 MX-5s with 34 Maz-thusiasts lined up ready to start With some coffee and brekkie and a whole lot of heart. Continue the awesome rhyme by reading on......

A Tale of Two Extremes

27 August 2017 / Story and Photos by Owen Sinden

A tale of two different events; from the point of view of a newbie.

Turon Technology Museum

24 August 2017 / Words by Theresa Bown Pictures by Jason Brown and Rob Wilkins

Despite having some vagrants and females of doubtful reputation, RPM visited the Turon Technology Museum.

Donkey Day Out

23 August 2017 / Story by Sandra Duric Photos by Jason Brown

RPM Donkey Day Out, a trip of food, fun, laughter, and donkeys.

Club hillclimb July 2017 - photo by Grant Webber

Hillclimb Round 2

22 August 2017 / Article: Keiran Taylor, Photos: Grant Webber

Keiran is a stay-at-home mum of two toddlers and treated herself to some "mummy me time" at the Ringwood Park hillclimb. Read on for her story. Entries for the final hillclimb round of 2017 are now open!

20th Anniversary of Motorsport dinner

19 August 2017 / Ian Combes

Bookings are now open for our 20th anniversary motorsport dinner on 25th November in Goulburn.

24th Cobra Nationals 2017

18 August 2017 / Ian Combes

The MX-5 Club has been asked if we would like to participate in the 24th Cobra Nationals. It is a three day track event held at Wakefield Park on 29,30 September and 1 October 2017.

New rules for Concours d'Elegance

17 August 2017 / Michael Soulos

The rules for judging entrants in Concours d’Elegance have been changed for 2017 as a trial of the Open Concours Rules to allow those members with MX-5s that were previously judged down on originality able to compete on a more even playing field for Concours honours.

Whale Watching Illawarra Style

16 August 2017 / Story: Brendan Barr Photos: Brendan Barr, Julie Farquhar & Bryan Shedden

Will the wild wanderers from Wollongong way watch any whales?