New Facebook Group for BreakFast Club

22 February 2018 / Words by Peter Battisson

The MX-5 BreakFast Club now has an official Facebook Group. If you love a good challenging drive, why not check us out and join the group.

Motorsport 20th Anniversary - photo by Rob Wilkins

New Facebook Group for MX-5 Club Motorsport

22 February 2018 / Ian Combes

Having recently celebrated 20 years of MX-5 Club track days, we felt it was overdue that our motorsport community finally had their own Facebook Group. If you are involved in any of our club motorsport, this is the place for you. Motorkhana, Driver Training, Club Track Days, Club Hillclimbs, Supersprints, Regularity, MX-5 Cup ... everything!

BreakFast Club WTFRUW2B 2018 - photo by Jason Brown

The BreakFast Club's WTFRUW2B 2018

20 February 2018 / Words by Andrew Lord, Photos by Jason Brown

Learn about all the fashion on the field as the BreakFast Club makes it's annual pilgrimage to Berry.

Club hillclimb July 2017 - photo by Grant Webber

Perpetual Hillclimb Chapter Challenge

18 February 2018 / Words by Andrew Digney

Due to the discontinuation of the Jinba Ittai Go Kart Challenge, this year we will launch the Perpetual Hillclimb Chapter Challenge. Round 1 of the 2018 Hillclimb series is on Sunday 11 March at Ringwood Park and spaces are still available. Come and have a go. Do it for the pride of your Chapter!

Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies are Doing it for Cancer

15 February 2018 / Words by Tammie Hotz

The Pink Ladies of MX-5 are a team of five MX-5 Club ladies who will compete in the 6 Hour Regularity Relay at Eastern Creek on the Easter weekend. We are putting our driving and strategy skills to the test to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Let's KISS CANCER GOODBYE! Please donate.

South West Rocks Run

09 February 2018 / Words by John Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

Mid North Coast first Mid-Week Run for 2018 to South West Rocks via Crescent Head. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Tuesday, motoring along with the MX-5s, bright sunshine, varied scenery, good company good food and seeing a historic part of New South Wales.

Harrigan's Irish Pub Run and Lunch

29 January 2018 / Story by John Hansen, Photos by John Hansen & Graham Rochester

Mid North Coast first 'Run' for 2018 and Lunch at Harrigan's Irish Pub

Australia Day 2018 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Australia Day Picnic 2018

28 January 2018 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rob Wilkins

If there is a better way to celebrate Australia Day than fun & games with your MX-5 mates, then we don't know what it is. The inaugural MX-5 Packing Challenge would prove that it is possible for a couple to to take everything needed for a camping weekend. And when it inevitably rains, you can pack it all away in as little as 38 seconds.

Sliq Run 2018 - photo by Rob Wilkins

New Run Benchmark on Putty Road

23 January 2018 / Michael Soulos

A new benchmark has been set for the best run on the best route out of Sydney on an early waypoint breakfast run from McGraths Hill to the quirky cafe in Laguna on Sunday 21 January 2018 to challenge all before it.

Twilight at the Bay

21 January 2018 / Story: Dianne Henderson, Photos: Rob Wilko

The run was called Twilight at the Bay, The first-ever Hendo run everyone would say. After doing a trial run, (nicknamed the reccy) Everything was organised so it was time to sit back and have some fun...

Hunter Chapter know how to Xmas Party!

02 January 2018 / Story by Lindsay Green & Photos by David Gazzard

Organising a Xmas Party is never a small task, however, Elaine Gazzard makes this event look easy. Backing it up for a second year Elaine organised a wonderful end of year Twilight Xmas Party for the Hunter Chapter and a whopping 60 attendees came out in support of it.

Hunter Xmas Lights Run

02 January 2018 / Story: Elaine Gazzard & Photos: Ian Nunn

Heading off on the Hunter's Xmas Lights Run gave an ample opportunity to get into the Xmas Spirit and enjoy some fantastic lights and fantastic company!