Canberra Chapter Christmas Lunch and Awards

15 January 2019 / Guilia Schiemer

Christmas is a special time, even more so if you were among the 61 members who turned out for the Christmas Lunch and Awards Presentation at the Yowani Country Club on 15 December 2018.

James Mate Illawarra NMOTY 2018

Mazdas in the Mist

13 January 2019 / Words by Jeff & Pam Rowe, Photos by Rob Wilkins

It was a perfect morning as 19 cars met at Yallah for our monthly run to Moonacres Kitchen in Robertson. The Illawarra Chapter New Member of the Year award was presented to James Mate.

RPM Run to Millthorpe Markets

11 January 2019 / Story and Photos by Jackie and Grant Briggs

Sunday 2 December saw RPM and friends run to Millthorpe Markets.

Kangaroo Valley Twilight Run Jan 2019 - photo by Karina Santolin

Kangaroo Valley Twilight Run

06 January 2019 / Words by Dianne Byers, Photos by Bob Downing, Ann Hicks, Karina Santolin, Bryan Shedden

The Club's first run of 2019 was organised by the Illawarra Chapter to traipse to Kangaroo Valley for dinner at the pub. We hoped for a relaxing drive in the cool twilight air. Instead we drove through lightning, thunder, torrential rain and heavy fog. What an experience!

Wee Jasper Jaunt

19 December 2018 / Report by Patrick McBride, Photos courtesy of Rob Wilkins & Rod Nicholas

Twenty-five of us in sixteen cars assembled at Russell Square on a warm sunny morning for a memorable run through picturesque farmland and forest to Wee Jasper, and then on to Yass.

Marques in the Park

19 December 2018 / Story by Bob Judd, Photos by Rob Wilkins

The annual Marques in the Park day was a great day to signal the end of winter and the start of the warmer spring and summer. And we had a terrific site to show off our cars, sitting on the side of a slight hill in the shade, looking down on the poor people with their GT Falcons, Porsches and Ferraris.

Illawarra Christmas Party & Presentation Day

17 December 2018 / Report: Wesley Hill; Photos: Senia Gaunson

Are we of the Illawarra ready to celebrate? You Bet!

Hunter's Last Run for 2018

17 December 2018 / Words: John Morgan, Photos: Rob Wilko

Hunter's Last run and the last of Chris' Coffee and Cake runs for 2018.

Christmas Lunch and Mystery Run

02 December 2018

Greg Cox's Mystery Run, Christmas Lunch & MOTY presentation at the Rivermark Café Port Macquarie.

2018 Sydney Christmas Jaunt & MOTY - photo by Rob Wilkins

Sydney Chapter Christmas Jaunt

30 November 2018 / Words by Bryan Hicks, Photos by David Raghavan & Rob Wilkins

Sydney members enjoyed a great drive to the Blue Mountains for a hearty Christmas lunch at Wentworth Falls. Read on to find out who are the Sydney Chapter Members of the Year.

Tour de Tassie - ND 1 vs ND2 - photo by Joe Kovacic

Tour de Tassie - ND1 vs ND2 Comparison

24 November 2018 / Words & Photos by Joe Kovacic

What an opportunity to compare the ND1 against the ND2 in no better place than the roads and tracks of Tasmania. Where else in the country can you drive around with your track numbers on?

2018 Superprint Round 7 SMP GP - photo by Joe Kovacic

CAMS NSW Supersprints - 2018 Season Wrap-up

24 November 2018 / Words by Joe Kovacic, Photos by Rob Wilkins & Joe Kovacic

A wrap-up of the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship results for the 2018 season.