The Committee is responsible for controlling and managing the business and affairs of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW.

The Committee consists of the office-bearers of the Association (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), between 6 and 8 ordinary members, and each of the Chapter Convenors.

Committee Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month via Zoom video conferencing from 7:30pm.


Role Name email Phone
President G Peter Battisson 0417 269 325
Vice President Kerri Langworthy-Ward  
Treasurer (acting) G Peter Battisson 0417 269 325
Secretary Phillip Donnelley 0419 253 014
Motorsport Secretary Ian Combes 0433 159 726
Club Captain Michael Soulos 0413 113 399
Membership Secretary Bryan Shedden 0422 340 010
Publications Officer (acting) Kerri Langworthy-Ward &
G Peter Battisson  
Regalia Officer Christine Cameron  
BreakFast Club Coordinators Andrew Lord &
Brett Hardey  
Motorsport Assistant Joe Kovacic  
General Committee Member Tammie Hotz  
Sydney Convenors Bryan Hicks &
Andy Bottomley  0407 225 064
0488 998 510
Canberra Convenors Peter & Annemie Wilson  
Hunter Convenors John Purcell &
Christine Cameron  
Illawarra Convenor James Mate 0468 926 826
RPM Convenors Chris Wyatt &
Gillian Fletcher  
Mid North Coast Convenors Peter & Keiran Rodgers  
South Coast Convenors Brian & Anda Clayton 0418 225 749

 Ex-Officio Representatives

Role Name email
Website Coordinator Gus Elias
Membership Assistant   Ken & Maggie Liston  
Motorsport Event Secretary Barry Luttrell
MX-5 Cup Paul Nudd
HCCRS Registrar for ACT & NSW G Peter Battisson
Club Historian Elaine Caldwell