Membership Statistics

Your Membership Secretary has a penchant for data analysis. The following charts provide some information on our membership history and demographics.

Financial membership 1990-2021

Financial membership 2010-2021 (detail)

New Members

Australian MX-5 Sales

Sales of new Mazda MX-5s in Australia are highly cyclic, sharply peaking after the release of each new generation and then gradually falling. Australian release dates for each generation were: NA Oct 1989, NB Mar 1998, NC Sep 2005, ND Aug 2015. It is not surprising that new membership applications also follow a similar cycle.

Membership by Type

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Years of Membership

The MX-5 Club of NSW has about 470 members with at least 5 years of continuous membership. We are also a Club that is continuously renewing, as half of our members have been with us for 4.0 years or less.