Where it all began - Carrington Falls Picnic

29 June 2024 / Words: Rhys & Ashley Howse. Photos: Rhys & Ashley, Rod Nicholas

A romantic picnic date to celebrate the 11th anniversary of our engagement, where I invited the whole car club to participate!

Run to Blackheath

27 June 2024 / Story: Steve Eccleston, Photos Maree ECcleston

Sydney and RPM had a combined run to Blackheath lunching at the New Ivanhoe Hotel.

CSCA Supersprint 23rd June Results

26 June 2024 / David Lawler

Results are now available from the CSCA Supersprint at the SMSP North/Druitt Circuit on Sunday 23rd June

A Carwash Story

25 June 2024 / Words: Jeff Rowe

Sick of a dirty car? Try this!

Mountains history to lunch

24 June 2024 / Story Chris W Pics CW and Brigid M

Feasting for the Winter Solstice. Old history and new.

Lunch at Cupitt's

22 June 2024 / Story: Brian Clayton; Photos: Anda Clayton

A short run on the shortest day of the year for a long lunch. Good food and great friends made for a great afternoon.

MX-5 Cup Round 3 Report

21 June 2024 / Story: Paul Nudd, Images: Rob Wilkins

Report and results from MX-5 Cup Round 3

Goulburn Historic Water Works, Lunch and Winery

20 June 2024 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Lili Chi and Rod Nicholas

Frost and misty rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm for a day out in our cars.

Forest, coast and cruisin'

19 June 2024 / Rosemary Black

We traversed the forests and enjoyed the coastal village of South West Rocks, with a delicious lunch !

Gloucester River Vineyard

18 June 2024 / Story by Robert Emmett, Photos by Barry Luttrell and Denise Birrell

Come along for a lovely Sunday drive to one of our old favorites Gloucester with Gloucester River Wines as our destination.

Lunch at the Tractor 828 Cafe

18 June 2024 / Story by Chris Cameron, Photos by Barry Luttrell and Denise Birrell

A waypoint run down the Putty Road to Tractor 828 cafe at Sackville for lunch and return via twin ferries to Wollombi or did we ?

Zig Zag Windsor to Colo

18 June 2024 / Story by Jason Brown. Pictures by Jason and Graham Fletcher.

Ferries were closed so we Zig Zagged around.

The Old Hume Highway

18 June 2024 / Story: Rose Smith; Photos: Anda Clayton, Rose Smith, Dewi Brewitt

Travel from Camden to Yass and use no more than 20Kms of the M31. South Coast took the challenge for a two day adventure.

Gloucester River Winery - Highways and Byways

15 June 2024 / Judith Hansen

A trip up to Gloucester River Winery was a fun and educational experience!

Midweek Run to Hardy's Bay

13 June 2024 / Story Marnie Lipa, Photos Bruce Davies and Maree Eccleston

It was a picture perfect day to head up the Old Pacific Highway.

Leo Belpomo - NSW Motorkhana at Nirimba
24 Sep 2023
Photo by Rob Wilkins

Upcoming Club and Alternative Motorsport Events

04 June 2024 / David Lawler

Some upcoming motorsport events that might be of interest

Picnic by the River

01 June 2024 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Rod Nicholas and Lili Chi

I never would have thought it possible, but then, I should never have underestimated the skills of our members.

The Long and Winding Road to Natmeet April 10 2024

01 June 2024 / Story: Brigid McCarthy, Photos: many members

Bushranger’s roads, white knights to the rescue and Nepalese feasts….. our run to NatMeet had it all!

Run to See "Old John"

01 June 2024 / Story: Anne Moffat, Photos: Maree Eccleston

Coffee first at Saddles to warm us up and view the huge collection of brightly coloured Macaw birds.

Sculptures By The Sea

01 June 2024 / Story: Karen Olde; Photos: Anda Clayton

A lovely late Autumn day, perfect for a drive down the coast, a cultural experience and lunch with friends.