Illawarra Chapter 10th Anniversary at Cambewarra Estate Winery

Illawarra Chapter Celebrate 10 Years

23 May 2022 / Story by Brigid McCarthy, Photos by Senia Gaunson, Rob Wilkins, Brigid McCarthy

Illawarra Chapter celebrated their 10th Anniversary in style with a large convoy of MX-5s and assorted ring-ins making their way south to the function at Cambewarra Estate Winery. It was a fabulous, stylish and fitting celebration of a major milestone.

Gems of the Central West

23 May 2022 / Words by James & Giulia Schiemer

The morning was cool and cloudy. The cemetery was misty, tranquil and serene. Wait ... what? The cemetery?

A Smart Day Out

19 May 2022 / Story: Bill Short; Photos: Bill Short

What is a Smart Day out? A Smart Day out with South Coast is a day trip to the National Gallery in Canberra who are having an exhibition of Jeffrey Smart’s works in celebration of one hundred years since the birth of acclaimed Australian artist Jeffrey Smart.

Motorkhana 2019 Round 2 - 14 July 2019 - photo by Rob Wilko

Round 2 2022 MX-5 Club Motorkhana

16 May 2022 / Ian Combes

The next MX-5 Club motorkhana is getting closer - get those entries in!

Breakfast at Pelican Rocks

07 May 2022 / Story: Bob and Karen Olde; Photos: Anne Zattera and Anda Clayton

A beautiful Autumn morning, good friends and a short drive to breakfast by the sea. Onwards to a relaxed viewing of a lovely garden. A great way to spend the morning.

2022 track day Round 3 is open!

04 May 2022 / Ian Combes

Round 3 of the 2022 MX-5 Club motorsport championship is now open for entries! We have 49 entries - 2 and a half weeks to go - get those entries in!

2023 tri-Club track day at The Bend in SA

04 May 2022 / Ian Combes

Register your interest in a tri-club (NSW, VIC, SA) MX-5 -only track day at The Bend in 2023.

Take Me To The River

30 April 2022 / Story: Brian Clayton; Photos: Anda Clayton, Anne Zattera

A break in the weather, good friends, fast cars, a good road and a hatted restaurant at the end. Let's go!

Brindabella Hills Winery Lunch

29 April 2022 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Gordon & Vicki Hunt, Rod Nicholas

At the respectful hour of 10:15 am we meet at the base of the Cotter dam before setting out on a 1hr 30 min run through the back roads to Yass and then onto the Barton Highway, ending up at the Brindabella Hills Winery for lunch.

Riverboat Postman Run

26 April 2022 / Words: Lena & Wesley Hill. Pictures: Lena Hill; Brendan Barr

Australia Post prides itself on delivering mail on the Hawkesbury, MX-5 club members pride themselves on having a good time watching them work!

Long Way for Fish ‘n’ Chips

23 April 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Rod Nicholas, Rob Wilkins and Barry Matson

It was only a small contingent from Canberra that gathered in Bungendore to hit the coast for fish ‘n’ chips, reinforced by a friendly face from Sydney. And we were meeting a bunch of South Coasters too. So, all was good.

Mobil1 360 Six Hour Relay 2022 - podium photo

Mountain Men Claim Relay Grand Slam

21 April 2022 / Words by Stewart Temesvary, Photos by Greg Unger

The Panorama Mountain Men has claimed the unique achievement of being the only Regularity Relay team to ever win all four regularity relays on the East Coast. Their latest victory at the Mobil1 360 Six Hour Relay at Sandown Victoria is probably the sweetest.

2022 NSW 6 Hour Relay Podium

Podium Lockout at the NSW 6 Hour

21 April 2022 / Word by Stewart Temesvary, Photos by NSWRRC, Fiona Shedden

Forget about Ford's classic 1-2 finish at Bathurst in 1977 or HDT's 1-2 in 1984. Teams from the MX-5 Club of NSW have claimed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the NSW 6 Hour Relay!

Easter at Mangrove Creek

17 April 2022 / Written by: John Purcell, Photos: John Purcell

What a day! After having to cancel 2 recent runs due to bad weather, we got a beauty.

John's Smarties Run to the Manning

15 April 2022

A thrilling recite of our first blue-skied run in 8 weeks....

Mountain Ramble

07 April 2022 / Story: Chris Fondum & Dace Abolins, John Cassidy, Brian Clayton; Photos: Anda Clayton, Rose Smith, John Cassidy, Mike Lawless

Four fabulous days in the mountains, sweeping bends and twisty roads, mountain scenery, fine food and better company.

Kerry’s Karts - Picton Karting Track

06 April 2022 / Words: Chrissie Zaremba. Photos: Senia Gaunson & Chrissie Zaremba

A race with more importance that the last Formula 1 race of the 2021 season, and a valuable trophy to be awarded to the eventual winner of the tri race event. Who will win? Will there be a rematch?

Long Way Around to Gerroa Fisherman’s Club

02 April 2022 / Words: Bill Short

Be it Bomaderry or Gerrora, we found a way of getting there!

Driver training on 21 July 2019 at Pheasant Wood - photo by Rob Wilko

2022 Driver Training Day

29 March 2022 / Ian Combes

The 2022 Driver Training Day is open for entries!

Cars, Stars, and Rock'n'Roll

29 March 2022 / Story: Dewi Brewitt, Bill Short; Photos: Anda Clayton, Dewi Brewitt, Rose Smith

Three days travelling the Golden West visiting cars, looking at stars and indulging in Elvis.