Bastille Day Bash

19 July 2021 / Story: Chris Fondum and Dace Abolins; Photos: Anda Clayton

COVID played havoc with the numbers but a delicious dining experience awaited those of us who could escape to the High Country.

Dam this place is gorgeous!

16 July 2021 / Story: Sharon Legovich, Photos: David Gazzard

Mangrove Creek Dam Run. 26th June 2021

Pheasant Wood track day - photo by Rob Wilko 22 Mar 2020

Club Track Day Round 4 is open for entries

30 June 2021 / Ian Combes

Round 4 of the 2021 Motorsport championship has been rescheduled to the 11th July.

Cherry Tree Hill Winery

30 June 2021 / Words: Robyn Simms. Photos: Robert Simms

Runs to wineries always seem to be well attended, probably because of the beautiful scenery that we travel through to get there ....


30 June 2021 / Words: Adele Weatherall; Photos: Senia Gaunson

MX-5 Illawarra Chapter have applied for an extra month of the year to be inserted, aptly named Juneuly. It will avoid any confusion as to which month to have our Christmas mid year celebration.

Goonoo Goonoo Station Run

27 June 2021 / Jill McDonnell

A trundle to Nundle via Goonoo Goonoo

COVID-19 Update 23 June 21

23 June 2021

COVID-19 Update

Batemans Bay Museum

22 June 2021 / Story: Bill Short; Photos: Anda Clayton

A beautiful Winter's day for a drive down the coast, new members to meet, visiting members to entertain, a surprisingly interesting museum and finishing with a fine lunch. Another great MX5 day out.

Driver Training Day # 1 for 2021

17 June 2021 / Ian Combes

The first post-COVID-19 Driver Training Day is on July 11!

Committee Confidential June 21

14 June 2021

Committee Confidential

Burn to Bendooley

13 June 2021 / Story: Brian Clayton - Photos: Anda Clayton

Snow in the highlands? Perfect! Heaters on and a run to the highlands for lunch by the fire and a browse in the bookshop, oh, and some wine for dinner later.

Byabarra via Comboyne Run

02 June 2021 / Words by John Little, Photos by Greg Cox

A mid week run to Comboyne

The Rusty Bistro Run

28 May 2021 / Words by Peter and Annemie Wilson. Photos by Peter and Annemie Wilson, Rod Nicholas and Rob Wilko

The 'rural perfume' from the cattle truck we were forced to follow for the last fifteen kilometres into Harden didn't really dampen the enthusiasm of our group as we zoomed off to Cootamundra for a hearty lunch.

Brindabella Hills Winery Lunch

28 May 2021 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Lili Chi and Rod Nicholas

The weather was perfect for an untroubled run through the country-side to the beautiful Brindabella Hills winery for lunch.

A Run through the Falling Leaves – to Bright 2021

27 May 2021 / Words – Ken Keeling. Photos – Rod & Maryanne Nicholas

With everyone at the rendezvous and fuelled up, seven MX5s plus two “escort cars”, all loaded with 18 MX5ers aboard, departed at 8 am for our four-day excursion, through the falling leaves of Autumn, to N.E. Victoria.

Dubbo Zoofari

27 May 2021 / Words by Ian Bottcher. Photos by Robyn Bottcher and Stephen Yong

A long weekend, 900 kilometres, and sunny weather allowed for a thoroughly enjoyable top-down cruise.

Motorkhana 2019 Round 2 - 14 July 2019 - photo by Rob Wilko

2021 round 1 motorkhana is open

25 May 2021 / Ian Combes

Round 1 of the MX-5 Club motorkhana championship is 2 weeks away. Enter now!

Illawarra Chapter 9th Birthday

25 May 2021 / Words: Jeff and Pam Rowe. Photos: Barry Pope, Adele Weatherall, Senia Gaunson

Adele has a closely guarded secret, the answer to which we were all trying to find the answer to. Even our Chapter Convenor didn't have the answer .....

Mountain Ridge Winery

14 May 2021 / Story: Geoff Smith; Photos: Anda Clayton, Anne Zattera

A great autumn day, sunny and mild, perfect for a run in the country. Up and over the mountain, back to the coast and a winery for a wonderful lunch with friends. A perfect day

Canberra Capers

12 May 2021 / Story: Bill Short; Photos: Anda Clayton and Bill Short

A mid-week weekend away to the Nation's capital, Canberra, for some sightseeing and a bit of culture. Sightseeing at the War Museum and Old Parliament House and culture at the Canberra Theatre and the National Gallery. Oh, and some nice dining as well.