Volunteering in MX-5 Club Motorsport

The MX-5 Club of NSW puts on a wide range of motorsport events, as most members would be aware.

It should come as no surprise to anyone involved in motorsport in the MX-5 Club that these motorsport events need many volunteers to run them. Track days, motorkhanas, hillclimbs and driver training days all need volunteers. The Club has in place teams who are responsible for organising events in each of these areas. However, we need a good number of ‘casual’ volunteers on the day of each event to help run the event.

Starting in 2019, we will publish a schedule for volunteers for our motorsport events. This schedule will list the volunteers (roles) we need for each motorsport event throughout the year. Club members and friends will then be encouraged to put their name down for a role at one or more of these events.

One dis-incentive in the past for track day competitors, has been that many competitors don’t want to miss out of points for the Club Motorsport Championship to help run an event. Well, starting in 2019, you must drop one track day round – out of the 7 track days that the Club will run in 2019, only be best scoring 6 rounds will count for each competitor towards the 2018/2019 championship. There is no penalty for missing a round, so why not come and help out?

The volunteer matrix covers track days, motorkhanas and hillclimbs. Driver training days aren’t covered because we don’t need casual volunteers to run those days – the advisors on the day are already rewarded by having a run on the circuit.

If you put your name down for a motorkhana or hillclimb, that’s great – we really need volunteers for those events. You will still need to drop a round of the (track day) motorsport championship however (wouldn’t be fair otherwise).

Since we haven't been getting enough people to put their hands up for volunteering, volunteering for a full day volunteering position at one of our motorsport events is now a condition for scoring points in the motorsport championship this year. Was hoping to avoid that, but not enough volunteers yet. There will be some notable exceptions to this requirement for Club members who are already making a big contribution to the Club (not just in motorsport).

You don’t have to be a Club member to help out at a Club event – friends and family are more than welcome. No previous experience is needed! If a family member or friend does volunteer, then that’s as good as you doing it. Still need to drop a round though…

If you are a Club member though, helping out earns you points towards the Club’s MOTY (Member of the Year) award. Also, in 2019 the Club will also publicly acknowledge and thank our volunteers in Club Torque. Volunteers are the lifeblood of motorsport in the Club, so that only seems fitting.

The organising teams do the heavy lifting – These club club members put in a lot more time and effort than we are asking the casual volunteers to do... We just need a few hours of your time to help run the events on the day.

For a brief overview of the volunteering roles that we are looking to fill, go here:
Volunteering for MX-5 Club motorsport events

For the list of currently available positions, go here:

Available motorsport volunteer positions for 2019

The procedure is: have a look at the schedule, work out which event and which role you would like to volunteer for, and email the Competitor Secretary at competition@mx5.com.au

The Competition Secretary will update the schedule from time to time to reflect the current vacancies. First in, best dressed.

Ian Combes
Competition Secretary.