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Genuine 2019 MX5 ND2 Wheels and tyres (For Sale) 10 July 2021

img_0809.jpg img_0810.jpg img_0812.jpg img_0813.jpg img_0814.jpg img_0816.jpg img_0815.jpg img_0820.jpeg
$2,000 View

Genuine 2019 MX5 ND2  2 litre Mazda wheels and tyres for sale. Mint condition wheels, no gutter rash etc.

Mx5 (For Sale) 21 June 2021

dscn0650.jpg dscn0660.jpg dscn0651.jpg dscn0652.jpg dscn0653.jpg dscn0641.jpg dscn0664.jpg
  • 2L
  • Manual
  • 22700 KM
$36,500 View

Much loved, one owner, 22700 km Roadster presents in excellent condition, and comes with a raft of unique extras.

MX-5 NC (Wanted) 11 June 2021

  • Manual

WANTED by new member, 1st MX5,  prefer NC Manual

Nitto NT01 semi slick tyres (For Sale) 9 June 2021

nitto-nt01-sale-1.jpg nitto-nt01-sale-2.jpg nitto-nt01-sale-3.jpg
$300 View

Set of four good Nitto NT-01 semi slicks 205/55R14. I used them for a couple of club track days and have since upgraded my brakes so they...

Mx5 2L 6sp Manual (For Sale) 1 June 2021

e238f6b9-a9f5-411f-898b-3a60d49968fe.jpeg d7835e5b-55ef-445a-8318-45e7c524458d.jpeg 539e2b21-4613-45b8-a2a3-9b818282df8e.jpeg 8dbde301-ce8c-4e2d-94b8-ceff8dc7883e.jpeg d78f1e83-22df-4a0f-96a5-b12b6c66d145.jpeg dd79c9ae-28d3-4a2d-b365-3f55524adede.jpeg 52982d6e-a4e8-4932-ad6e-13a06f44cea2.jpeg de197d13-741b-47e7-a932-63457c961272.jpeg 8c2fcbe7-5a75-44e4-92aa-e6abc6fead10.jpeg 9e7e028d-8527-4b48-be48-5ea7c094d92f.jpeg
  • 2.0L
  • Manual
  • 22000 KM
$34,000 View

MAZDA MX5 2.0L 6sp Manual. This car is in immaculate condition having only travelled 22000kms...

ND (Wanted) 24 May 2021

  • 1.5
  • Auto
  • 50 KM

Looking to buy MX5 ND

MX5 (For Sale) 10 May 2021

f3324c57-3e15-47a6-a61d-db28e4e64f87.jpeg efce006a-e915-4980-a323-f3fec74dcffe.jpeg af41878b-dd1d-4108-a94e-fec2946e0c18.jpeg 3bb37fa9-e695-4a2a-8a2f-71c999abf5f5.jpeg f27dbbb6-5e41-4722-8314-678cf22571f2.jpeg 64f5f6d8-7fa2-4798-a85e-3b52f190cd76.jpeg 5876ce1b-c787-4ff0-9fd7-aeb8647f990c.jpeg
  • 1.6
  • Manual
  • 190000 KM
$17,500 View

Excellent condition Mazda MX5 (1990) 1.6 litre Miata. Bluetooth enabled Sony Radio with reverse camera. Central locking, immobiliser...

Fapa Luggage Rack (For Sale) 3 May 2021

p1140541.jpg p1140543.jpg
$0 View

Fapa luggage rack off our NC1.  Excellent condition. Will accept any reasonable offer.