Name Badges

New Members

When you join the MX-5 Club of NSW, your joining fee goes towards the production of a Name Badge for you to wear at Club events. The badges include a picture of an MX-5 in the model and colour that you specify in your membership records.

Help us get it right!

For the production of these badges, it is critical that we know the model and colour of your MX-5, and if you want a different name to that in your membership information. eg. Bill instead of William.

When will I get my name badge?

The badges are produced on a bi-monthly basis in order to efficiently optimise the production process. The badges are ordered in the first week of February, April, June, August, October and December, and posted by the end of that month.

Replacement Name Badges

We are happy to replace any Name Badges be that due to change of car, loss or damage etc. We charge a replacement fee of $13 per badge. This just covers the cost of the badge and postage. Replacement badges are available only to current members. 

To purchase a replacement name badge, please complete the order form below and pay via credit card. Multiple badges can be ordered by clicking "Add to cart" and entering the requirements for each badge.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


Bryan Shedden
Membership Secretary
0422 340 010 (after hours)