Other Regions

The MX-5 Club of NSW has come a long way with the formation of several regional Chapters to provide events for members living in those areas. Events organised in any region are open to all Club members, regardless of where you live. There are no "walls" in our Club!

We also have members in other regions of NSW that do not have their own local Chapter. Instead, these regions have a central contact person who has volunteered to represent their region on behalf of our Club. Members from those regions or travelling through, are encouraged to make contact and share the love of MX-5 Club membership.

Region Contact Email Phone
New England Stephen Carter cartmanoz@iinet.net.au 0418 660 997
Central West Ian Hatherley ianhatherly18@gmail.com  
Riverina Annie Taylor bigbadbernie4@gmail.com  

We also encourage our Club members to get involved with the other MX-5 Clubs of Australia when travelling interstate. Reciprocal rights are recognised between the state Clubs.