Member of the Year

The Member of the Year (MOTY) and New Member of the Year (NMOTY) awards are aimed at acknowledging and further encouraging individual member involvement in Club activities.

Originally, the MOTY and NMOTY awards only covered the events organised from Sydney, while Canberra and Hunter Chapters provided their own Chapter MOTY. Starting in 2013, in recognition of the regional growth of the Club, the MOTY and NMOTY are prestigious Club-wide awards with all Club events being considered in their determination, including Chapter events and motorsport. Refer to the Points Schedule for details on the allocation of points for each type of event.

The MOTY award is presented to the member who accrues the highest total points during the award year. The NMOTY award is presented to the member who accrues the highest total points in the first full award year after joining the Club. The award year is the period from 1st November to 31st October. Runner-up awards may also be presented at the discretion of the Committee.

To qualify for consideration of MOTY and NMOTY awards, members must include their name and membership number on the event registration sheet or provide those details when registering for a Club event. Committee members and partners are not eligible to receive these awards unless the qualification was earned prior to election/appointment to a Committee role or after having resigned the role.

The MOTY and NMOTY awards are presented at a major club event near the end of the calendar year. The Honour Roll lists previous winners of MOTY and NMOTY.

Chapter MOTY

Chapter Convenors present Chapter awards to recognise members who organise and participate in events managed by that Chapter. The winner of a Chapter award is not precluded from consideration for the Club awards, and vice versa.