Bonus MX-5 Cup Race meeting

Sat 27 November 2021
Wakefield Park Circuit
7:30 am
Paul Nudd, 0412 990 038,

Update 11/11/2021 - this event has been cancelled.
Sadly, Wakefield Park has had another category pull out and has been forced to abandon the event altogether.


It was a shame that regional travel was still off limits on the 23rd October when the last MX-5 Cup event was run. That meant the many racers who live outside Sydney couldn't enter.

Well, Wakefield Park are holding a race meeting on the 27th (and 28th) of November, and the MX-5 Cup has been invited to take part. Long story is that the Super Trucks were forced to pull out because of border restrictions so we were offered the slot!

This event is not counted for the 2021 MX-5 Cup championship.

Our MX-5 Cup events are usually run by MRA (Motor Race Australia). Whilst MRA run excellent events, Wakefield Park also run their own race events. This event is one such event.


The meeting is a two day event, but the MX-5 Cup qualification and races are all on Saturday the 27th November.
The format is the same as MRA  - qualification and 3 races.

Entry fee will be $360.00

Friday practice is $185.00 extra if you want to do that.

Wakefield Park charge for carports at their race meetings ($120).
We have arranged a discount - $60.
Please use code MX560 to receive $60 off the carport.


The MX-5 Cup is a race series open to all MX-5 Club members, and is intended as a safe and fun competition, particularly suitable as the first racing experience for drivers coming from track days or supersprints.

The MX-5 Cup is run under a strict code of conduct that lays down driving standards that we expect from competitors, which makes it suitable for drivers moving up from Supersprints.

The MX-5 Cup is organised into time categories, which means that you can win the championship without having the fastest car. This engenders good competition all the way down the grid and makes the MX-5 Cup such great fun for everyone.

MRA race meetings are held under AASA permits, so drivers must hold AASA race licences, and their cars must comply with AASA safety standards for race events.

An important distinction to bear in mind is that the MX-5 Club of NSW organises the category (the MX-5 Cup), but we do not run the events – MRA or Wakefield Park do. To enter the MX-5 Cup, you need to enter that category on the MRA or Wakefield Park website to enter and pay the entry fee. Also - registering for the MX-5 Cup series, is not entering the event!

To run in the MX-5 Cup series or to do more than one event, you need to be a financial member of the MX-5 Club of NSW. Non-members can compete in one MX-5 Cup round ($20 payable to the MX-5 Club) but must join the Club if intending to do more than one round.

Registration for the series ($60 payable to the MX-5 Club of NSW), entitles you to compete for trophies in the MX-5 Cup championship which is normally conducted over 6 rounds.

More information about the MX-5 Cup series is available here.

The MX5-Cup entry form and series registration form can be found here.